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Israel Tours for Seniors

jeruslaem golf cartExploring a new destination is a thrilling adventure. It entails memorable experiences, culinary discoveries, and absorbing a new culture and language. However, it can also pose challenges, especially for seniors or individuals with specific physical disabilities. Some sites require substantial walking, and not all sites are wheelchair friendly. Jerusalem’s Old City, for example, is paved with cobblestones and has many stairs.

Our expertise includes private tours to Israel that are tailored to accommodate seniors and individuals with physical disabilities. We can set wheelchairs and golf carts, minimize distances, and avoid stairs as much as possible. Explore the tour proposal, or contact us to set your own customized excursion:

Important note: If you have a handicap parking permit, please bring it with you, or send us a photo of it before the tour. This will allow us to park at the most convenient location at quite a few sites.