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Danny The Digger - Israel Private Tours

Danny the Digger – Your Tour Guide for Israel

Shalom and Welcome to Israel!

Jerusalem private tour We are a boutique tour guide agency specializing in private guided tours in Israel. Our tours cover a diverse range of destinations, attractions and activities. With our selected team of expert tour guides, we will provide you an exceptional tour experience, to be remembered for a long time.

We do have an extensive list of single and multi-day tours, however, all tours are fully flexible and customizable. This way we can make sure to include your interests and expectations. Whether your passion is in the Bible and archaeology, modern day geo-politics, nature, or all of the above, we can tailor the perfect plan for you!

Taste a glimpse of Israel 

Single Day Tours

Single-day tours are the most effective and comfortable way to cover certain destinations. They are also a perfect solution if you are limited on time. Our list of carefully crafted schedules for day tours will provide the maximal tour experience at any site and can be customized in any way you wish. The tours depart from your hotel in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. At the end, we can even drop you off at the airport for no additional charge. Led by any one of our expert guides, we promise to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Check out our full list of single day tours >>


Jonathan P., CEO Antenna Media

..Thank you for a remarkable day. You are a brilliant man.

Explore Israel in-Depth 

Multi-day Guided Tours

Israel might seem small on the map, but it is dotted with so many diverse points of interests. From antiquity sites to high-tech visitor centers, and from holy destinations to helicopter tours. A proper, in-depth tour of Israel will take more than one day. Perhaps a lifetime.

So, whether it’s to celebrate a family event, fulfill a pilgrimage dream, or enjoy a vacation of a lifetime, we can offer you a fully customizable tour experience. Let us know of your dates, your interests and expectations, and together we will build the ideal tour plan for you, counting in all Logistics, from the moment you land to your departure back home.

Delve into the spirituality of the Holy Land, feel its people, explore its nature, and sample its local flavors. Check out our list of suggested schedules for an in-depth tour of Israel, and let’s work together to create the perfect tour plan for you!

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Judge G.T., Australia

We have just had 10 wonderful days with Danny. His extensive qualifications and experience as an archaeologist give him a depth of knowledge beyond any tour guide. Added to that, his guides are provided with warmth and humour, but always with a genuine respect for the historical and religious significance of the sites..

Head off on an Adventure!

Special and Themed Tours

One of our biggest prides is our unique capability to arrange guided tours to special destinations, and guide tours that focus on specific themes. The special tours range from off-road excursions in the wilderness to a trip along the border with Gaza, or a 2 days intense tour Ramon Crater, or to Petra and Wadi Rum.

The themed guided tours are especially exciting.  Most of them relate to a fascinating archaeological mystery or riddle. They are often connected to a Biblical topic as well. The search after the Ark, David’s political intrigues or the treasures of the Copper Scroll, are just some of the subjects. These tours provide a unique and in-depth review of the chosen topic and will take you, in some cases, to special destinations. Some of these destinations are not familiar even to locals and professionals. So, get your whip and Indiana Jones Hat ready – you’re headed off on an adventure!

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About Us

We are a small and selected team of master tour guides based out of Israel. We all served in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force), most in combat units, some as officers. Most of us have also earned academic degrees, and we are all licensed Israeli tour guides by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.  We are fluent in Hebrew and English, and some in other languages.

Each one of us has his own expertise, specialties, character, and best jokes. However, we are all devoted and passionate to our love to the country, and in our commitment to provide you the best possible tour experience in Israel.

Meet Our Tour Guides

Organizational Clients and VIP

Clients logos

Aside the countless private tours we have led over the years, we cater also to a wide range of organziational clients, institutions, and companies, especially High-Tech companies. We are, for example, the suppliers of tours in Israel to guests of HPE, Motorola, Samsung NEXT, Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, HSBC, and more.

Over the years, we also handled quite a few VIP projects. We have guided Dr. Oz, the CEO of GoDaddy, Google’s VP, Apple’s VP, Samsung’s President, 王石 Wang Shi, a few Nobel Prize Winners, and a Nigerian King.

Jen F., Samsung NEXT

Danny thank you again, that was a magical day. Everyone had a terrifc visit, I will highly recommend to anyone coming to use you!

Einav R., Amazon

Hi Danny, I want to thank you again for such an amazing day! .. Even our most senior participant was very impressed.. So thank you again!! ..…

Nothing Like a Satisfied Customer

Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2019

Our 2019 “Hall of Fame” Tripadvisor Award

Aside from the hundreds of thank you letters we have received over the years from our satisfied clients, recently Tripadvisor awarded us (for the 9th time!), with a “Certificate of Excellence.”

On “Google My Business,” we have also earned hundreds of reviews, all with raving feedback, and the same on Facebook.

However, don’t just read about it online. Discover it yourself!


Contact us, and let’s start building your own amazing gaetaway to Israel

Alternatively, email, whatsapp or call us!

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

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Is it safe to travel in Israel?

We take your safety very seriously. We are all well acquainted with current events and are up to date with any security situations. Our tour vehicles are also all regulated, insured, and highly maintained.

How long is a tour?

We work on a daily basis. The length a tour is usually 10 hours. 

Where do we meet?

It’s a private tour! We meet at your hotel, or wherever you want.

What is the cost of a private tour?

The price of a tour depends on many factors.  The minimum cost of a private guided tour would be $500 for a few hours tour by foot in the old city of Jerusalem.

An average cost of a guided day tour would be $600-$700 for a full day tour, with a nice and comfy tourism SUV for transportation.

Cost of multi-day tours depends much on the accommodation you favor.

A suite at a top notch hotel could cost $600 per night. An Airbnb rental could cost $150 per night.

Count in also about $10-$20 per day for entry fees.

And count in the cost of meals. A falafel sandwich + soda could cost $6. A nice meal in a great restaurant could be $50-$100.

To sum up, a private tour for a couple could cost $1000-$1200 for a couple. Obviously, the service of a private guide and a nice big SUV for transportation comes with a cost, but it has SO many benefits –

  • No need to deal with parking, fueling or driving.
  • No need to figure out where are the best places to go, how to get there, when is the best time to go, how to avoid crowds, etc.
  • No need to read signs, learn in advance, or ask people. Your private guide knows it all!
  • Most important – you get to spend the day with a great person – one of us! 🙂

Can you also set Hotels?

Specializing in private and luxury tours, our office developed a personal connection with top hotels in Israel. Therefore, we can ensure you get the best for your money (at times free upgrades). We can also guarantee better prices than any other provider! Just try us.

How do I pay for the tour?

If you pay by credit card or bank transfer, payment must be completed 24 hours before the tour starts and is non-refundable. If you prefer to pay in cash, it has to be done on the first day of the tour. Cash payment can be done in USD, EURO, POUNDS or local ILS currency.

  • For charging intl. credit card there is a 4% surcharge.
  • We cannot charge American Express. Sorry.

How do I guarantee my tour?

Once we agree on the contents and cost, your tour with us is guaranteed!

Do I need local cash? Should I prepare it in advance?

A small amount of local cash ($20 per person, per day or so) is always good (for tips in restaurants.. snacks..), but you can easily change on the first day of your arrival.

What is the tipping culture in Israel?

In tourism it is customery to tip, in cash, all service providers, and Israel is no exception. 10-15% is the norm in restaurants. Our guides are paid well, but a tip is another way to express your satisfaction with their services.

What Should I pack?

Pack light. Israel is very casual. Even if you are going to attend a wedding, no need for a suite, or even tie. Furthermore, If you are coming in June to August, no need for any jackets. You will find a hat, sunblock and sunglasses to be the real essentials. But do have a pair of long pants handy, for visiting holy places.

Do I need travel and/or health insurance?

Definitely! You are responsible for your own well-being, as well as your personal belongings.