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My name is Danny Herman, yet being an archaeologist for many years,  I am known as “Danny the Digger“.

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Presenting Jerusalem from Mount of Olives

I hold a teaching position at the Hebrew University and Tour Guide Courses, but am more known as a provider of Private Guided Tours across Israel, with optional extensions to Jordan and Egypt

With my team we cater many clients, institutions, and companies, especially High-Tech companies

Doctor Oz in Israel with Danny the Digger

With Dr. Oz, in Cana

Over the years we also handled quite a few VIP projects. Just to name a few: Dr. Oz, Go Daddy’s CEOGoogle’s VP, Apple’s VPSamsung’s President王石 Wang Shi, a few Noble Prize Winners, and even A Nigerian King.. 

Occasionally we are also involved with various Media production. See here a sample of Danny “The Digger” Herman presenting Beit She’an  to “The Watchman” Erick Stakelbeck:

And here is a presentation of Herodium  :

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Interested in a tour?

See above samples of multi-day tours, or below a selection of a single-day tours:

Alternatively we can set a special private tour to any of the HUNDREDS of destinations listed HERE.

How long is a tour?
We work on a daily basis, and for about 10 hours

Where do we Meet?
It’s a private tour!. We meet at your hotel, or where ever you want!.

What is the cost?

My nice new comfy SUV..  I can also set a bigger car, a carriage, or even a flying chariot (they call them “Helicopters” 😉 ..).

Unfortunately it is hard to cash livestock, gold ingots, or even Saracean slaves any more.. :-). Being so, the cost is $600 USD for a day tour by foot.

For a tour + transportation I charge $650-$850 (up to 5-6 passengers, and depends on mileage).

On Shabbath and Holiday there is a $100 surcharge.

Are we worth it?  

Tripadvisor certificate of excellence 2019

“cCertificate of award” from Tripadvisor for NINE years in a row!

Well in 2019 we were awarded, again (for the Ninth time!..), with a “Certificate of Excellence” by “Tripadvisor”!.

And on “Google My Business” we have also received over 200 reviews, all with raving reviews (!).


Want to “Extreme” the tour?

Check out one of the many optional additional activities that can be included (for an extra cost..):

My Blog

(9/2019) Impressions of a Mysterious Cultic center found in the City of David – Malchizedek’s shrine? or Shalem’s stone?..

 Eli Shukrun is a friend since my years as an archaeology students at the Hebrew University. We took some classes together and stayed friends since. Later he joined me, and became a tour guide as well. Last week I happen to meet him while both of us were guiding at the City of David  , and he invited me to join his presentation to his group of his own dig at the City of David at a section not opened yet to the public. Of course my group and I happily joined, and we were indeed taken to an area I didn’t know

(8/2019) New church found with decoration alluding to the “miracles of the multiplication of Loaves and fish”

 In a recent article in “Haaretz” a sensational new discovery was presented – a mosaic floor of another church found in Hippos-Sussita . A discovery of an ancient church is not that rare, and four churches were already discovered in Sussita alone, but this was the first to be found at the site with an almost complete mosaic floor intact, and its decoration include fish and baskets, two of baskets even bearing 5  loaves of bread, matching the textual description of the “Miracle of the mulitplication of the loaves and fish (Mark 6).  While it is indeed tempting to suggest that

(7/2019) Roman Military Camp Uncovered near Armageddon

In the early 2nd century CE two imperial legions were stationed in “Provincia Syria Palestina” – Legio X “Fretensis”  in Jerusalem, and Legio VI “Ferrata” , somewhere near Tel Megiddo (known also as “Armageddon”). The exacat location of the camp of the sixth legion was confirmed only in surveys conducted east of Biblical Megiddo in 2013 and 2015, and only this year (2019)  a joint expedition began excavating at the site. Heading to Tel-Aviv after a day touring the north with a couple (the Straffs), I noticed the trucks of the expedition spread in the fields of the site, and decided to