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Israel Luxury Tours

Being the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity Israel is renowned for its sacred sites, but not only. It is also the land of captivating landscapes, a vibrant blend of cultures, delectable cuisine, and much more. Revitalize in a 5-star hotel spa by the Dead Sea. Wake up to the stunning backdrop of Jerusalem’s city walls and embark on a scenic helicopter flight. When traveling in true style, the possibilities are boundless. Explore the curated selection of luxury-level tours to Israel below, or contact us to set up the perfect dream tour of Israel just for you!

As an experienced luxury service provider here are some of our routine services:

VIP Service at the Airport – Our VIP service begins at the airport. We will assist you with a quick and smooth pass through the passport control, baggage claim and customs.

Premium Level Tours and Activities – Thanks to our meticulous planning of your visit every day will be a new adventure! Luxury level tour vehicles and expert guides will lead you every day, and each day will combine special high-end tour experiences. Helicopter flights, private chef meals, world class spas, great wineries and much more.  And luxury means you do not have to be bothered with anything! We arrange all the logistics, ensuring you get premium service through all stages of the tour.

Luxury Hotels – With so much to see and do every, staying at any of our recommended luxury hotels will sure feel like heaven. Relax in the pool or spa, or have a drink in the lobby, reenergizing before your gourmet experience for dinner!

High-end Shopping – Whether you are fond of art, fashion, antiquities or jewelry, Israel has so much to offer! Tel-Aviv Diamond exchange is the best place to buy diamonds, and Ben-Yehudah Street is heaven for lovers of Haute couture. If you are fond of antiquities, we can set for you the best dealers. If you are an art lover – how about a special tour with an art specialist?