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Miri Nitzan – Private Tour Guide

Miri NitzanBeing a certified tour guide since 2016, Miri Nitzan specializes in incoming tourism. She caters to a diverse clientele and enjoys working with business and leisure travelers alike. In her tours, Miri shares her love for the Land of Israel – its history, sites, people; it’s stories and complexities – and of course it’s abundant cuisines, wine and beers, along the way.

Born in Chicago and raised in Beer-Sheva, Miri is both a native English and Hebrew speaker. She holds a BA in Geography and a Law degree and is on her way to completing her MA in advanced Israel Studies. Between her degrees she served as an officer in the IDf Intelligence corps, raised a family, was a Pilates trainer and a wire mesh sculptor.

“Miri guided the two of us perfectly through Jerusalem and the tour was the highlight of the trip.. Miri chose the perfect speed of us to be able to take this incredible city while covering a lot of ground..”

Aike M., USA

“..She was a great guide, educating us with enthusiasm and humor.. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Jane A., USA

“..She combines a blend of detailed knowledge, passion for Israel and top-notch service for her clients. I strongly recommend using her services as a tour guide.”

Victor M., USA

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