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Dr. Oren Gutfeld


Dr. Oren Gutfeld is a colleague and a friend of mine for many years, from my days as a student at the Institute of archaeology at the Hebrew University.

Oren has participated and led many important digs across the country. He assisted Prof. E. Netzer in his digs in Jericho ; He participated in digs at ancient Ancient Tiberias ; He discovered an ancient synagogue in Sepphoris ; he excavated a mysterious tunnel in the Judean Desert; he dug at Kh. Beit Loya/ Beit Lehi:

 He dug at Herodium ; and recently he dug under the Jewish Quarter.

Oren recently became also a licensed tour guide, and so, like me, he combines his passion to archaeology with tourism, and provides a unique, high end, and first hand experience when touring with him.