5-Day Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel

5-Day Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel

A tour of the Holy Land is the best way to explore the history of Judaism in-depth. This 5-day Jewish Heritage tour to Israel proposal includes many essential sites relating to Biblical and Jewish history, including the modern State of Israel. The tour also includes a few special fun activities for all family members, setting an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Day 1 – Jerusalem’s Jewish Heritage

  • western wall shutterstock2Head towards Jerusalem along the 1948 Burma Road and learn about the battles in Shahar Hagai during the War of Independence.
  • Upon reaching Jerusalem, embark on a tour by foot of the Jewish Quarter. See its main historical sites and feel its unique atmosphere today.
  • Reach the Western wall Plaza and join the crowds praying at this holy site. Combine it with a virtual presentation of this area during the Temple.
  • Time permitting, descend to the City of David and appreciate the significant finds made here from the time of the bible.
  • In the evening, consider visiting the Tower of David Night Spectacular.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 2 – Reach Masada

  • touring masadaHead to the Dead Sea, with an optional stop at the Sea Level sign for fun and a short Camel Ride.
  • At Masada, admire the site which witnessed a great drama 2000 years ago. See the wealth of remains and assess its tragic end for the Jewish rebels.
  • Have an authentic kibbutz lunch experience at  Kibbutz Ein Gedi, followed by a stroll in the famous Botanical Gardens.
  • Alternatively, drive to one of the hotels by the Dead Sea for a lunch and swim experience.
  • On the way back to Jerusalem, stop to view the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered (Qumran).
  • If time permits, learn how Biblical Tsitsit was made at the unique Tekhelet Factory.

Overnight: Jerusalem or Tiberias

Day 3 – Jewish Spirituality in the Galilee

  • Drive to Safed, a former center known for Kabbalah philosophy and now a Jewish artists’ colony.
  • Stroll along Safed’s main street and appreciate its Jewish art galleries.
  • Visit Ha’ari Hakadosh synagogue, where Rabbi Yosef Karo compiled the “Shulchan Aruch”.
  • Nearby, visit the famous tomb of the Rashbi, the most popular Rabbi’s tomb in Israel.
  • Head back to Tiberias and head for some watersports in the Sea of Galilee!

Overnight: Tiberias

Day 4 – Explore the Golan Heights

  • oz77-tank-display-golan-heightsAscend the Golan Heights and reach the top of Mt. Bental and view both Israel and deep into Syria.
  • Nearby, visit the 1973 battle site “Valley of Tears“. In October 1973, a small tank force heroically successfully held against a massive Syrian attack.
  • Join an ATV tour next to the Syrian Border to appreciate the Golan countryside’s beauty and special geo-politics.
  • Have a unique lunch and hospitality experience in a Druze village.
  • Head to Tel Aviv. Time permitting, stop at Caesarea to learn about its rich history and Jewish significance.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 5 – Be a Tel-Avivian

  • tel aviv shutterstockVisit the Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard, where the state of Israel was declared.
  • Continue on Rothschild Boulevard and learn how Tel-Aviv was established and developed into Israel’s metropolis.
  • Continue to Jaffa and learn about its rich history. Stroll in its scenic alleys and enjoy its unique art galleries.
  • Go to the Flea Market for a lunch break and chance finds of rare vintage memorabilia.
  • Reach Rabin’s Assassination site. Here, in 1995, the Israeli prime minister was shot by opposition to the contemporary peace process with the Palestinians.
  • Time permitting, visit the Palmach Museum or the ANU Museum, or try the extreme jet fighter flight simulator (“The Squadron”)!

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    We have really enjoyed our time with you.. I learned so much from your explanations… I really think I will remember this trip forever. Todah Rabbah!

    Dorit Sh., USA

    I wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Israel such a spectacular one… You were the perfect guide... You really made the Bible come to life…

    Jennifer and Stuart Z., USA

    Not only are you a great maggid of the history of the Jewish people and their homeland but you are an awesome photographer. I know that the trip is not over, but it has already exceeded our expectations.

    Cliff K., USA

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