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Bar-Mitzvah in Israel

A Bar/Bat-Mitzvah is possibly the most important event for every Jewish boy or girl. It marks the beginning of full Jewish adulthood, celebrated in a festive event by the whole family. Reading the Torah in the synagogue and the celebrations that follow are almost equal to a wedding, and will be remembered dearly in the child’s heart for the rest of their life.

There are several ways to mark this special occasion, but the ultimate way to celebrate such a festive family event is a Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel.  Touring the land of the Bible and experiencing the life and culture of the modern Jewish state, is truly an unforgettable adventure, both for the Bar/Bat mitzvah child, and for their family.

Planning a successful Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel requires careful planning. Accommodations, activities, transportation, a ceremony and a celebratory meal. They all have to be weaved together into a carefully made schedule.

We will be happy to set an e-meeting with you and discuss all components of this special occasion. Like an event producer, together we will set for you a detailed plan for custom designed Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel, with all our  recommendations and tidbits. In all of the tours, one of our top guides could be set to be at your service, from your arrival and everyday you desire.

In all, these are some of the activities to consider:

Setting a Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony

If you wish to have a Torah reading ceremony, It must be pre-arranged. The “classic” location is a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall or at its non-Orthodox  equivalent  “Azrat Israel“. Some will also choose to wake up at 3 AM to conduct the ceremony at the ancient synagogue of Masada.

sepphoris synagogueAlternatively, you can also have the ceremony in one of the synagogues in Jerusalem. We recommend the Hurvah Synagogue or one of the Sephardic synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, or in one of the Syangogues in Yemin Moshe. A few other unique locations for the venue are one of the synagogues of the old city of Safed, the ancient synagogue of Ein-Gedi or Sepphoris. It can also simply be held at a scenic spot, such as the Louis Promenade in Haifa, or in the old port of Caesarea.

Check out our longer list of suggested sites for a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony in Israel.

The ceremony could be led by yourselves, or with the guidance of your tour guide. We do recommend arranging assistance from some of the following:

  • A Rabbi: A Rabbi (or Rabba) experienced with Bar-Mitzvah events could enhance the event in different ways. 
  • Minstrel: Nothing like a professional chanter and dance motivator leading the event and getting everyone excited!
  • Musical procession: You might consider a band of Jamba drummers and shofar blowers leading the event, and/or a klezmer band (guitar, trumpet and klarinet).
  • Balloon person: A colorful and exciting event of releasing blue and white helium balloons following a blessing of the child at the end of the ceremony will enhance the festivity of the event.

Celebratory Meal

Following the ceremony, a celebratory meal is the way to go!. Depending on the location, we will be happy to help you set catering or a fine restaurant for the event.

Photography and Video

Having invested so much in this family event, it would be a shame having only your phone’s camera recording it. We can reserve for you a top photographer and/or videographer that will produce high quality content to take home. In Israel, it is really common to hire a photographer who makes photo magnets at the event. They make excellent party favors!

SAVE MONEY – Shopping and VAT refund

When you let us handle all your hotel reservations, guide, and transportation, we ensure, as a tourist, you avoid paying the local value added tax (“VAT”)  – which is 17%.

Furthermore, we can recommend specific shops that provide you with a VAT refund paper. Meaning, upon your departure at the airport, you can go to the VAT refund booth, where you will be able to get all the VAT you paid refunded – possibly in cash! You’ll make big savings for any type of souvenir shopping you might be considering.

Bar-Mitzvah in Israel Tour Schedule

Each Bar/Bat-Mitzvah tour to Israel is its own project. Below is a selection of recommended itineraries for a Bar/Bat- Mitzvah tour in Israel, including optional locations for ceremonies:

Your specific Bar/Bat-Mitzvah tour can be tailored to match your specific wishes and interests, but these carefully planned itineraries cover most of the destinations, attractions and activities.

The most concentrated tour program we can recommend is a 3 days Bar-Mitzvah tour. This tour covers the following:

In the Shephelah: A drive along the 1948 war “Burma Road” to Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem: City of David, The Jewish Quarter, and the Western Wall with an optional ceremony.

In the Jordan Valley: Masada, Ein-Gedi, a swim at the Dead Sea, and the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran).

In Tel-Aviv: A tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv, including the flea market, “independence Hall”, and Rabin Assassination site.

Click here for a full itinerary of a 3 Day Bar-Mitzvah Tour to Israel.

A 5 day Bar-Mitzvah tour will allow you to spend some time in the north, and would include:

In the Galilee: the major ancient Rabbinical Center Sepphoris, Beth-Shearim, Tiberias, Magdala, and The first kibbutz in the world – Degania.

In the Golan Heights: Mount Bental, ATV tour by the Syrian border, Gamla.

Caesarea: Herod’s port, the “Barillos” synagogue, and the Roman era City Center.

Click here for a full itinerary of a 5 Day Bar-Mitzvah Tour to Israel.

A 7 day Bar-Mitzvah tour is the most ideal length of time to cover most of the main historical sites and attractions from a Jewish perspective. In addition to the sites mentioned in the other tours, the 7 Day Bar-Mitzvah tour will also include:

Along the Coast: Atlit Detention Camp.

In the Galilee: The city of Kabbalah – Safed, Tel Hai, and Kayaking on the Jordan River.

In the Golan Heights: A Shofar making workshop.

In the Jordan Valley: Mgadala, Ancient Tiberias, Kinneret Farm, and Kibbutz Degania.

In Jerusalem: “Sheheyanu” at Mount of Olives viewpoint.

In the Jordan Valley: A hike to the Waterfall of Ein-Gedi.

Click here for a full itinerary of a 7 Day Bar-Mitzvah Tour to Israel.


An 11 Day Bar-Mitzvah tour is probably the optimal length of a tour that will cover all parts of the country and include a great variety of sites, attractions, educational experience, and fun activities.

In addition to the activities mentioned in the shorter tour, the 11 day Bar-Mitzvah tour will also include:

In Caesarea: A Powered Parachute flight and a view of the Bahai Gardens in Haifa.

In the Galilee: Food picking for people in need (“Leket”), Akko, Rosh Hanikra Grottoes, a speed boat ride, Pqi’in, Bar’am, A hike in Ayun Stream or along the Banias, birdwatching at the Hula lake valley, ATV tour by the Sea of Galilee, swim at the Hidden Waterfall, or a walk in the puddles of the Majrasa.

In the Golan Heights: Golan Magic Visitors center and “Valley of Tears” 1973 battle site.

In the Jordan Valley: “Rob Roy” canoe on the Jordan River, Beit-Shean, Beth-Alpha, a swim at Sachne springs, or Nahal Hakibutzim.

In Jerusalem: The Karaite Synagogue, The Tower of David Night Spectacular or the City of David night time show, Chain of Generations exhibition, a tour of the Western Wall tunnels, a virtual tour of the Second temple, live shooting and Krav Maga training, zip-lining, and Herodium.

In the Shephelah: David vs. Goliath Battle site, Beth-Shemesh, Bar-Kochba caves, Israeli Dog training center for the blind, plant a tree.

In Tel-Aviv: Palmach Museum, Camel Market, Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair, and an advanced jet fighter flight simulator (‘the Squadron’).

Click here for a full itinerary of a 11 Day Bar-Mitzvah Tour to Israel.

Top 8 Bar-Mitzvah Activities In Israel

All of this might sound quite confusing, and indeed there is much that can be seen and done. To make it a bit simpler, we listed what we would consider the Top 8 activities for a Bar-Mitzvah tour in Israel.


We look forward in working with you to create an unforgettable tour experience. It will be our pleasure, and honor, to be part of your meaningful visit.

Contact us to start planning Your Bar-Mitzvah Tour to Israel!

One of the most powerful connections to Judaism comes from spending time in Israel. It is the ultimate way to connect with your roots and watch history come alive. There are also a plethora of trips to choose from. Former archaeologist Danny Herman, ( is known for his private tours, which focus on ancient Jewish heritage sites. He even personally participated in some of the excavations. Herman explained “I also conducts various ‘extreme’ activities, such as live shooting and Segway tours, but all in all aim to develop affiliations with the Jewish people and the land of Israel.”

[“Ideas for Bnei Mitzvah” article, THE JEWISH CHRONICLE]

Yesterday my family completed a 10 day tour around Israel with Danny The Digger. We couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and personable guide, and we all came away with a much deeper appreciation of this special land. Danny is an archeologist, and he brings the ancient sites to life in such a special way. He also has a great sense of humor, and my teenaged kids loved hanging out with their friend Danny. He cares deeply about his clients, and it shows. Even when we left him in Tel Aviv, he still was busy arranging things for us to do. I could not recommend him any higher.

(Weiss Family, from Tripadvidor)

Hi Danny,

Hope all is well.  I just wanted to thank you again for making our trip so memorable.  Thinking back over our eleven days, I realize again how much we learned about Israel’s history, politics and culture because of you and just can’t thank you enough.  Plus, you’re a super fun guy, which is a true bonus.  🙂      Thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge of Israel, for your flexibility and planning, for the shared pictures, and for just being a great person to spend time with.  We hope to tour again with you some day soon.


Vicki Gersten, USA

Dear Danny.

Thank you for giving us a great time. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip a lot. Your sensitivity and kindness to our needs and catering To 3 generations is not an easy task but you did it with a lot of care and love. We felt very safe and the tours were appropriate to our needs. We  went to independence hall and that felt very emotional Our grandchildren went to. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon.

Ben  and Fay  Elisha, Australia

Dear Danny,

I don’t even know where to begin, but as the jet lag and the natural high from being in Israel gradually wear off,  I wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Israel such a spectacular one. It was a hit with all ages. You were the perfect guide for connecting the dots between the religious and archaeological histories that make Israel such a unique and mystical place. You really made the Bible come to life for all of us. In our hearts and minds, Israel is no longer just a distant ancestral home, a dot on a map or a subject in school. It is a living, breathing monument to a past shared by millions — and the peaceful future toward which we must all endeavor. We look forward to returning soon.


Jennifer Zimmer, USA