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Private Tour to Caesarea and Haifa

Caesarea ampitheatreA tour along the northern coast is a great way to get a reach and diverse the touring experience in one day in Israel!

Herods palace caesarea

We start at ancient Metropolis Caesarea  Founded in the first century BCE by Herod “the great”, “Caesarea Maritima” was a major city in central Israel for more then a thousand years. 

caesarea tourIt’s main finds include a Theatre , an Herodian Palace  built on a cliff above the sea, a “Hippo-Stadium, a large Bathouse  complex, Crusaders’ era moat and gates, and an elevated hill (“Temenos“) where a temple, a church, a mosque and a cathedral once stood..


caesarea segway tour

If time, will and budget permits we can also discover Caesarea on Segways  or hover over the city, conducting a Powered Parachute flight above Caesarea .

From Caesarea a short drive takes us to Atlit Detainee Camp  where in British mandate times Jewish immigrants trying to reach the shores of Israel were detained by the British. Near the camp, the impressive remains of the Atlit Crusaders Fortress  can also be seen.

carmel prehistoric cavesA drive up to the Carmel mountains takes us  by the Carmel Prehistoric Caves  and the Carmel fire tragedy monument , to the Druze  villages of Isfiya and Daliat el-Carmel, where we can learn about the Druze  special minority.

haifa bahai gardensAfter a possible lunch we drive into Haifa , and appreciate the upper and lower views of the Bahaian Terraced Gardens Later we can stroll along the main street of the German Colony in Haifa  , and if time and will permits we can visit Elijah’s Cave  and\or stop at the “Stella Maris ” viewpoint and Carmelite monastery, before heading back.

Book a Private Tour to Caesarea and Haifa

The cost of a private tour to Caesarea and Haifa  + transportation starts at USD$700Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

Additional Activities during a Private Tour to Caesarea and Haifa

caesarea segway tourJoin a fun and exciting way to discover Caesarea – on Segways !. A two hours tour ($80 per person) to explore the less known parts of acnient Caesarea.

powered parachute flight bakai CaesareaAnother fun and exciting way to explore Caesarea’s region – Caesarea Bakai flight !

West of Caesarea, explore the Roman water supply system by walking through on the water systems at “Mei Kedem“ .

tel dorNear Caesarea, learn about Tel Dor  a major city in Biblical times, and its local museum in the former Glass factory.

Visit Zichron Yaakov   , one of the first towns of the Zionist movement, including Aharonson Family House  which was the base of the NILI underground operation.

muhrakaReach the traditional site of the battle of Elijah against the prophets of Ba’al  – “Muhraka”   and\or have a family walk on Suspension Bridge  nearby.

Explore the former capital city of the Crusaders – Akko  . Stroll in its market, visit Al-Jazzar Mosque , explore the Templars Tunnel  and Hospitallers Citadel / “The Knights Halls” ; go for a Boat ride , visit the unique Akko Mosaics synagogue  and its nearby Tomb of Baha’u’llah (Bahji) .

rosh hanikra cable carDescend by a short and steep cable car ride to the cavernous tunnels at the border between Israel and Lebanon at Rosh Hanikra Grottoes  .

beth shearim catacombsVisit  Beth Shearim , hometown of “Rabbi Judah the Prince“, who codified the “Mishna” and whose burial at he site turned it to a large Necropolis.

megiddo gateClimb up to the citadel of ancient Megiddo , an ancient city-state along the “Via Maris” highway, identified with identified with Apocalyptical “Armageddon” (Revelations 16:16).

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