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Tour to Caesarea and Megiddo

Private Tour to Caesarea and Megiddo

This day tour aims to cover two of the most significant archaeological sites in Israel – Megiddo and Caesarea. Both sites are set on along important ancient trade routes of the ancient Middle East.
From the Neolithic period to the time of the Crusaders, Megiddo and Caesarea both witnessed periods of great prosperity, but also battles and destruction between conflicting powers.

Explore Biblical Armageddon

Set along the “Via Maris”, excavations at Megiddo yielded 25 successive layers of human occupations, from the Neolithic period (about 10,000 years ago) up to its final abandonment in the 5th century BCE. Even later, the Romans set a military camp at the site’s foothill, whose remains have been excavated recently. The site’s most famous discoveries are stables and fortifications attributed to King Solomon. However, today some scholars attribute them to King Ahab or King Jeroboam II, of the northern kingdom of Israel. The site also provided significant finds from Canaanite times, yet most visitors are fascinated by its possible futuristic role. By Christian faith Megiddo is identified with Armageddon, a site that will witness an apocalyptic battle according to the Book of Revelation (16:16).

Uncover Caesarea’s Legacy

After a lunch break we will reach Caesarea. Nestling along the northern shores of Israel, Caesarea was founded in the 1st century BCE by king Herod. This ambitious Kim defied nature by forming in Caesarea the biggest man-made port in its time. Today, much of his port is submerged, visible only by snorkeling or scuba diving, but along the shore there is still much to appreciate.
Facing the port, some of the Roman period warehouses were recently developed to a new visitor center. Aside the rich display, audio-visual presentations review the city’s rich history, and especially the political intrigues in the time of Herod. A stroll along the coastline south of the port will take us through Caesarea’s city center in Roman and Byzantine times. Its main finds include a large Bath house complex, a unique ‘Hippo-Stadium’ public entertainment facility, Herod’s promontory palace, and a fully restored theatre. We will have a photo opportunity at a picturesque section of Caesarea’s aqueduct right by the sea.

Extreme Your Tour!

If you wish to add some special activities in Caesarea we can offer the following:

caesarea snorkelSnorkeling – The submerged port of Caesarea can still be appreciated by snorkeling or scuba diving along the sunken harbor. Caesarea’s underwater archaeological park, the first of its kind in the world, is about 40 acres in size. It contains 25 points of interest, that includes ruins of the port, ancient anchors, and a sunken ship from the early 20th century.

EZRaider – A 2-hour extreme tour experience of driving in special mini ATV apt for sand dunes. The tour mostly explores mostly the perimeter of the Caesarea’s national park, including the Birds Mosaic Mansion, the aqueduct, The Synagogue, the Eastern Hippodrome, ending near Caesarea’s golf course.

Powered parachute flights – The ultimate extreme tour experience for Caesarea! The special aircraft takes off from the sites’ parking lot and flies low and slow above Caesarea’s antiquities and along the coastline. This experience guarantees an adrenalin rush and stunning views of one of the most beautiful views in Israel!

What’s included

  • Guiding done by a licensed and expert private guide
  • Transportation in luxury level van or SUV
  • Pick-up and drop-off at any address
  • Free Wi-Fi and chilled bottled mineral water

What’s excluded

  • Site entrance fees
  • Meals and snacks
  • Gratuities

What to bring

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Some cash

Email or contact us to inquire more about a private tour to Caesarea and Megiddo:

    We booked a helicopter tour with Danny in March. Everything perfectly organized from A to Z!! It doesn't get any better! Thanks a lot for this! 100% recommended!

    Albert S,. Germany

    I would like to thank you once again for the really good time we had in Israel, thanks to you. The whole experience… had an amazing impact on me, it made me see things in a different light.. thank you!

    Mieke Van der V., Holland

    My parents cannot stop talking about how you made this trip so amazing!! .. We just loved how you made everything so interesting and educational. Thank you again for everything!!... Israel is lucky to have you.

    Dalia S., USA

    Thank you for an amazing couple of days, we could not have seen half of what we wanted without you. Everything was perfect!

    Allison W,. USA

    Thanks very much for a really special day. I loved being able to go to the special places for Christians.. an everlasting experience for me… And thanks… for your professionalism and deep knowledge and dedication...

    Ann D., New Zealand

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