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Edan GevaEdan and his parents came to Israel when he was 3 years old.

He tried teaching other kids  in his child care house some Canadian manners, with partial success.. :-).

In high school Edan worked in the dairy farm, and after his military service (in a Tank unit) he went on studying history, theology, and archaeology. He also participated in the excavations of Sussita .

Edan Lecturing in the US about touring Israel

When touring with Edan you will benefit from his life experience of childhood a kibbutz, military service, agricultiral experience, and academic level studies.

Oh yes, and he still has some Canadian manners ?


We made last minute plans for a trip to Israel hoping to introduce our two boys (17 years old and 19 years old) to the country. We wanted them to learn about the history of Israel and gain an understanding of its people.

We contacted Danny based on the Tripadvisor recommendations. He quickly helped us put together an itinerary and recommended his colleague Edan Geva to be our guide (it so happened that Danny was on vacation during most of our trip).

Edan turned out to be a perfect match for us! He grew up on a kibbutz in Ein Gev on the western shore of Sea of Galilee. He also previously worked as a park ranger and knew the Golan Heights area very intimately.

Edan connected with both of our sons very easily and they were fully engaged throughout the trip. Edan is true patriot and his stories (including many personal stories) were insightful and heart warming.

After visiting the tank museum he told us that we would now meet his friends. We stopped at the memorial wall and he told us stories of a few of his friends who lost their lives serving the country.

In some cases (such as with Nimrod lookout) he was able to arrange personal meetings with people (witnesses to history) who spent time with us telling their stories. On one of the tours in the Caesarea stadium where ancient races were held, Edan challenged our boys to a race and we watched them running like in a millennia ago.

Edan made the tours lively and meaningful and geared to our tastes and tempo. We really could not have asked for a better guide!

We met with Danny on the last day of the trip (when he was back from his vacation) and he showed us around Tel Aviv and Jaffa. It was a fitting end to our tour.

Both Danny and Edan are true professionals and we highly recommend them!

Visited August 2016


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