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Day tour of Jerusalem

Private tour JerusalemJerusalem is perhaps the holiest city in the world, venerated by Jews, Christian and Muslims. It has five thousands years of history, and has witnessed more battles then anywhere else in the world. Obiously one day is not enough to understand and appreciate this complicated city, but its a good start..

Christian tour IsraelWe start with a stunning panoramic view of the Old City  from Mount of Olives Viewpoint . This is one of the most beautiful observation points in Israel. It enables a short introduction, a photo opportunity,  – and even a camel or donkey Ride  :-).

Church of all Nations GethsemaneDriving down to the Kidron Valley we will pass by several holy Christian sites, such as the Chapel of the Ascension ,  the church of Pater Noster Dominus Flevit Garden of Gethsemane ,  the Grotto of Gethsemane  and Mary’s Tomb .

Jewish Tour JerusalemWe then park by Jaffa Gate , and start exploring the Old City . In the Jewish Quarter  we walk along the Roman period Cardo , pass by the Burnt House  and the Hurva Synagogue , to reach the famed Western Wall  .

We continue into the Muslim Quarter , and join the Via Dolorosa , the path from the site of the trial of Jesus to the site of his crucifixion.  Assessing the Catholic traditions along the way,  we enter the Christian Quarter and reach the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  , a complex built over the traditional sites of Golgotha  and the  Tomb of Jesus .

Elia photo Jerusalem from Mount of OlivesGrabbing some Hummus for lunch along the way,  we can also appreciate souvenir shopping in the big Suq (market) at the end of the tour, possibly purchasing old B/W photos of Jerusalem at Photo Elia , unique textiles at Bilal Fabric Store , or Armenian pottery at one of the Armenian Pottery Workshops .

Shrine of the bookHappy and tired we return to the car at Mamilla , and if driving back to Tel-Aviv, we pass by Mea Sheaim , or by the “Capitol Hill” of the state of Israel in west Jerusalem, viewing the parliament building (the “Knesset “), the Israel Museum  , and the Supreme Court Building If time and will permits, we could also drive for a view of Bethlehem , or possibly set a short visit of the Church of Nativity   in Bethlehem .

Book a Private Tour to Jerusalem

Getting to know Jerusalem really takes a few days, perhaps a month, and frankly – your whole life..

But if you have only one day to spare, contact me to set a full day tour of Jerusalem.

Presenting Jerusalem on “Jerusalem Day” , to “The Watchman” Erick Stakelbeck

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