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Tour to the Land of Samson (The Shephelah)

This private tour is devoted to sites in the beautiful region of the Judean lowlands, a region of low hills, 250–350 m above sea level – The Shephelah (שפלה). Named also “Biblical Tuscany”, this area combines perfectly Biblical stories, rich archaeological sites, stunning views – and great wineries. Le’chaim!

Explore Biblical Sites

We start the day with a visit of Tel Lachish. Lachish was the second most important city in the Judean kingdom. It was conquered by the Assyrians in 701 BCE, and dramatic remains of the battle can be seen to this day (!). Nearby we could also visit the site some suggest to be Biblical Ziklag, the site where David turned from a bandit to a King..

Next we head to the Battle site of David and Goliath.  From Tel Azekah we will review the battle site and the battle, and possibly visit the intriguing site Khirbet Qeiyafa.  Alternatively we can explore the underground city of Maresha and the Roman Ampitheatre at Beit Guvrin.

>> Watch a video presentation of Lachish

Sample local wine and art

After a lunch break we continue to the exciting new discovery at Tell Beth Shemesh – the possible site where the Ark of the covenant was kept after its return from Philistine captivity (!).

Nearby, we can review sites relating to the Biblical figure of Samson (Tel Tzora), or drive along the 1948 war “Burma Road”.

Alternatively, we could also end the day with an ATV tour in the Sfelah, crawl in Bar Kokhba caves at Khirbet Midras or Tel Goded, visit the David Gerstein Studio, or go for some wine tasting in a local winery!.

>> See a video presentation of “Burma Road”

Additional Experiences

Jeep tour Judean HillsIf we have more then one day for touring this region we could also visit sites like Luzit CavesStalactite cave (Soreq cave)Emmaus-NicopolisBeit Jimal,  The “Philistine Street”Khirbet Hanot / Goliath’s Burial Place?, Deir RafatAnne Frank Monument, or the impressive Holocaust monument– “Scroll of Fire” Monument. We could also combine it with a Vegan Cooking Workshop

Another option is a Jeep tour in the Shephelah to less known sites such as Khirbet Beit Loya / Beit LehiTel GodedTel YarmuthTimnah / Tel BatashTel Tsafit / Biblical Gath and Ekron / Tel Miqne.

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