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Tour Surrounding Gaza Strip

The southern coast of Israel combines biblical landscapes with nature reserves and vast agricultural fields. It is also known for being in conflict with the Hammas regime ruling the Gaza Strip. This special private tour will combine ancient sites, a review of 1948 battles, and especially the daily life today around Gaza Strip. 

Explore Ashkelon

Ashkelon is a city with 4,000 years of history, from Canaanite to present times. We will review its medieval fortifications and walk through one of the oldest gates in the world. Reaching the coastline, we will stroll along a path with breathtaking views of the sea from the edge of cliffs. A remarkable display of marble sculptures near the exit is a reminder of the golden past of this city in classical times as well.

The Kibbutz that Fought the Egyptians

yad mordechai

A short drive towards the Gaza strip will bring us to Yad Mordechai. Formed in 1943, this kibbutz was named after Mordechai Anielewicz, leader of the Ghetto Warsaw uprising during the Holocaust. The kibbutz itself faced a fatal attack by Egyptian forces in 1948. For 6 continuous days it fought to stop the Egyptians from advancing towards Tel-Aviv. Eventually, this battle formed the South-West border of Israel. 

Life Around Gaza

Next, we will drive to the border crossing into Gaza (“Eyal” Checkpoint) and see its operation for humanitarian cases, despite the Palestinian animosity towards Israel. The Palestinians were given full control of the Gaza strip in 2005. Sadly, they are governed by the Hammas. It is a fanatic Islamic regime, who leads an uncompromisable policy: to annihilate Israel, and form an Islamic religious Palestinian state instead.

In the nearby town of Sderot, we will have a light lunch break and then tour in the city. We will learn about the special measures taken by the state of Israel to protect its citizens. Every house, school and bus stop have cemented shelters, and even playgrounds have unique installations.  At the local police station, you will be able to view a display of samples of the thousands of rockets launched at the city over the last 20 years.

border of gaza tour netiv ha-asara

Our last stop will be the farm of Netiv HaAsarah, whose fields are right next to the border with Gaza. From the village’s hilltop we will see the Gaza strip and discuss the geo-politics in detail. With reservations made in advance, we can also add our own contribution to a big artwork facing Gaza, asking for peace. 

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