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9 Days Israel Package Tour for Seniors

9 Days Israel Private Tour package for Seniors

This special tour proposal presents an intense program that will reach most of the highlights of Israel. It will cover sites and subjects relating to the Old Testament, the New Testament, modern history, culture and more. The tour is led by one of our top guides, in luxury level tour vehicle, providing in-depth explanations, and setting unique and exciting activities and experiences. Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Caesarea, the Galilee, the Dead Sea and Masada are just some of the sites this will tour will cover. So prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Day 1 – Explore Roman Caesarea

WELCOME TO ISRAEL! Pending on time of arrival, we could visit the ruins of the ancient metropolis Caesarea on our way up north. This ancient metropolis was once the capital of the region, and so is rich in finds. Caesarea is also a pivotal site in Jewish and Christian history. We will stroll along its ancient port, and at Herod’s palace track the possible site of Paul’s Prison. We could also drive up the Carmel site and visit the Muhraka. Here, by Christian tradition, Elijah confronted the Ba’al and Ashera prophets, and later slaughtered them (I kings 18).

Overnight: North

Day 2 – Discover the Galilee

This day is devoted to sites around the Sea of Galilee. We start with Capernaum, a quaint fishing village in the first century. Here Jesus recruited his first disciples, performed some of his most famous miracles, and lay the foundations for his faith. Today, Capernaum is an important archaeological site, and a Christian pilgrimage destination. Nearby, we can also visit the sites said to be where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish, appointed Peter (John 21), and delivered the Sermon on the Mount (Luke 7). Next, we will visit Kibbutz Ginosar, famed for the discovery of a 2,000 year-old wooden fishing boat. Perhaps this boat was used by one of Jesus’ disciples?  After a lunch break, we will embark on a private sail in a small wooden vessel, and possibly enjoy a swim in the Sea of Galilee’s fresh water. The day will end with a visit to Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalene.

Overnight: North

Day 3 – The Beauties of the Golan Heights

Crossing the Jordan River, today we ascend to the top of the Golan Heights. At Mt. Bental we will enjoy the amazing panoramic views of northern Israel. Next, we could also visit 1973 “valley of Tears” battle site, before heading to a great Druze lunch and hospitality experience at Buqa’ata. After lunch we could tour Gamla, “The Masada of the North”, where the Jews were also defeated by the Romans some 2000 years ago. Pending on time and will, we can also visit a local winery.

Overnight: North

Day 4 – Nazareth, Megiddo, and Emmaus

Heading towards Jerusalem, we will pass by Cana, known as the site of the first miracle of Jesus (John 4). Our first stop will be in Nazareth, where we will embark on a tour by foot of the Old city, including a visit to the Church of Annunciation. Here, by local tradition, Jesus was concieved. Nearby we could also visit Saint Joseph church, said to be where Jesus grew up, and the Synagogue he attended. After a lunch break we will cross the Jezreel valley and reach Megiddo. The major site of the Israelite Kingdom yielded rich remains from Canaanite and Israelite times. Yet, for many, it is also significant for its future role as “Armageddon”, the apocalyptic battle site between good and evil at the end of times. Joining Israel’s main highway we continue to Emmaus. Here, according to Luke 23 Jesus appeared after his resurrection. Upon reaching Jerusalem we will greet it “Shehecheyanu” and check in to the hotel.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5 – Unveiling Jerusalem

western wallOur day tour of the holiest city in the world begins with an introduction from the iconic Mount of Olives Viewpoint. Reviewing the long and turbulent history of Jerusalem, we continue by exploring some of its key points of interest. At the Garden of Garden of Gethsemane we assess the finds and traditions relating to the events after Jesus’ Last Supper. Next, we drive around the Jerusalem’s Ottoman era walls, and parking next to Zion’s Gate we begin to explore Jerusalem’s Old City. We walk through the Jewish quarter and blend with the Jews praying at the Western wall. Next, we pass through the Muslim Quarter, and join the  Via Dolorosa. This sacred path is said to be the path Jesus walked from the site of his trial to the place of his crucifixion – the Golgotha. Today, both the Golgotha and the Tomb of Jesus are within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the heart of the Christian Quarter. After a lunch break we can enjoy a stroll in the colorful Mahane Yehudah Market, and review the highlights of the Israel Museum.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6 – Float on the Dead Sea

Checking out and heading to the lowest dry place in the world, our first stop will be at the Sea Level sign, where you can also have an opportunity to ride a camel. Next, we will pass by Jericho and the Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud) and view the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran). Later we will drive by the oasis of Ein Gedi, and possibly spot some local Ibex. The focus will be on the magnificent site of Masada, famed for its dramatic and tragic history. Some 2,000 years ago, this fortified palace of Herod was conquered by the Romans when Jews sheltered at the site. Yet at the break of its walls the choose favored death to slavery and committed suicide. We end the day with a lunch and special floating experience at the Dead Sea, continued by a drive to our hotel next to the Ramon Crater.

Overnight: Mizpe Ramon

Day 7 – 0ff-Road in the Ramon Crater

Our day begins with a visit to Ramon Crater Visitors Center, which also provides stunning views of the Crater. Next, we could join an off-road tour into the heart of the crater. Alternatively, we could set a hike to The “Carpentry” and drive to “Ein Saharonim”. At night join a session of stargazing combined with a bonfire.

Overnight: Mizpe Ramon

Day 8 – Life Around Gaza

Heading back north, we could stop at Sde Boker to visit Ben-Gurion Desert home which became a modern visitor center. Further north, we will pass by Beer-Sheva, and could tour its biblical site – Tel Be’er Sheva. Alternatively we could set a guided tour at the nearby by Israeli Air-Force museum, in Hazerim. Finally, before reaching Tel-Aviv, we will drive through the city of Sderot and learn about the daily life in this city when under constant rockets threat by the Hamas in Gaza.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv

Day 9 – Be a Tel-Avivian

rothschild-boulevard-horse-sculptureOur last day of touring Israel will be devoted to the modern history of Israel as reflected in Jaffa and Tel-Aviv. We will start with a stroll along old Jaffa, and its nearby Flea Market.  Next, we will head to Rothschild Boulevard, including the “Independence hall”, where the state of Israel was declared (!). We continue to Rabin Assassination site, where we will assess the current geo-politics of Israel and its surroundings countries. After a lunch break we could continue to the Palmach Museum, the ANU museum, visit an art gallery, or “the Squadron” – a high-end Israeli Air Force Flight Simulator.

Overnight: Tel-Aviv 

What’s included

  • Guiding done by a licensed and expert private guide
  • Transportation in luxury level van or SUV
  • Pick-up and drop-off at any address
  • Free Wi-Fi and chilled bottled mineral water
  • Optional Golf Cart at certain locations / Wheelchair

What’s excluded

  • Visa to Jordan
  •  Accommodations
  • Site entrance fees
  • Meals and snacks
  • Gratuities

What to bring

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Modest clothing if visiting holy sites (no shorts or bare shoulders)
  • Some cash

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    Danny knows the sites of Israel from so many different perspectives- not the least of which is the archeological expertise he brings to the table. Danny is one of a kind - I'd recommend him for any length of tour for any age group on any day of the week! My experience was eye opening and life-shifting. Loved every moment. Best tour guide experience I've ever had!

    Hillary T., USA

    Daniel provided the single best guided tour experience our family has ever had! Daniel's knowledge of the Holy Land is the very best - and he magically weaved lessons on history, archeology, and religion into every site visit - in a way that fascinated my entire family (inc 2 teenagers, 2 young adults). We all learned and had experiences we will never forget. The entire experience was top notch and well planned - Danny knows everyone and how to get things done. Don't hesitate. Book Danny the Digger now!

    J.B. T., USA

    From private tours to meetings with key religious figures in the old city, and helicopter rides – everything was unbelievable! I highly recommend his services, especially if you’re looking for something incredibly special and/or need to impress VIPs.

    C.P., Communications Director | HP Software

    He is definitely NOT JUST ANY TOUR GUIDE. Danny plans, suggests alternatives, continually adjusting destinations according to his clients’ energies and interests… coming up with even more fascinating alternatives… He is ideal for VIP executive tours.

    G.H., Maus Frères VP, Switzerland

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