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Helicopter Tours in Israel

helicopter tour jerusalemTired of gravity? Want to see it all from above? Then how about appreciating all the splendors of Israel – from the air? We not only offer great tours on the ground. We also have a truly exciting option of experiencing guided helicopter tours all across Israel. All the helicopters are  flown by former Israeli Air-Force pilots, ensuring you are in the best hands!. In addition to our pilots being top professionals, they can also share with you some of their experiences from their military services (what can be shared, of course).

The helicopters range from a 3 passengers’ seats, Robinson R44, to a luxury 7 seats Bell 429, or a spacious double-engine, 10 seats, Sikorsky 76.

See the full list available helicopters here >>

The flights can take off, and land, at just about any location. They can also include stops at unique destinations for special events. Please feel free to consult with us about creative ideas to surprise your family during the flight. This could be the most memorable experience of your trip!

Below, is a selection of helicopter tour offers. All tours can be customized to match your specific wishes, interests, or special requests.

Hover Over the Eternal City of Jerusalem

A flight over Jerusalem is an exhilarating and spiritual experience. Approaching it from the west, you will fly above the Jerusalem mountains. As the forests clear out, you will spot the National Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem), and Mt. Herzl, where many of former leaders of the State of Israel are buried. Next, you’ll see the Parliament’s building (Knesset), The Supreme Court building and the Israel Museum. Soon after, the helicopter will fly around the Old City, presenting its glittering Gold Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and more. As you hover above the Mount of Olives you will notice the Garden of Gethsemane and the chapel of The ascension. To your east, the majestic views of the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the Biblical mountains of Moab will appear in full scale. As we return, you will see in the distance Ramallah, the capital of the Palestinian authority, as well as Nabi Samuil, where prophet Samuel is said to be buried.

Fly over Biblical Desert Landscapes

helicopter tour judean desertIf reaching Masada by car is too trivial, consider flying above it! Taking off from Jerusalem, you will get a chance to see the Old City of Jerusalem. Once we head east, the view quickly and dramatically changes to the mountainous Judean Desert. You might spot Bedouin encampments and their herds, as the helicopter will fly right by the iconic Mar saba monastery, and through one of the canyons towards the Dead Sea. The view at this stage is breathtaking, with the still blue water of the salty lake trapped between steep mountains. At this stage, keep in mind that we’ll be flying BENEATH sea level, and still high up in the air, as the Dead Sea is very below Sea Level.

The Oasis of Ein Gedi will be a clear green strip of land below you as we reach and circle around the famous fortress of Masada. From the air, Herod’s palaces and the Roman camps are even more impressive, both designed in a Roman fashion. It is also possible to land near Masada for a tour of the site, and a swim at the Dead Sea, before heading back.

If the flight ends in Tel-Aviv, it is also possible to return through the Beer-Sheva valley. The flight will be pass above Biblical landmarks like Arad and Tel Beer-Sheva, and later fly over the Shephelah. The vineyards spread in its low hills appear like Biblical Tuscany, following you to the landing spot near Tel-Aviv.

Discover Israel’s Coastline from the Air

helicopter tour jaffaAs we take off from Tel-Aviv area, the infamous traffic jams of Israel’s metropolis turn into an exotic (and irrelevant) view. We will first fly low along Jaffa’s old port seafront and Tel-Aviv’s coastline. Next we’ll approach the city of Herzlyia, the Boca Raton of Israel. Along its seafront you will detect the US ambassador’s home. The view then becomes less urban. The scenery combines cliffs above beautiful sandy beaches and nature reserves.

Shortly after, the ruins of ancient Caesarea appear in full beauty. You will get a great birds-eye-view of the 2,000-year-old theatre, palace, and port. At its northern end, Caesarea’s photogenic aqueduct beach will also be visible. As the mountains of the Carmel appear in the distance, we will fly above the Crusader’s fortress of Atlit, now a navy seal base.  At the northern end of the Carmel, Haifa’s modern high-tech center will appear on your right, followed by the city center and its port. However, the most spectacular view however is the Bahai Gardens. The 19 terraces flanking a golden dome, set on a steep slope, is an absolute marvel.

Crossing Haifa bay from the air, the large cargo boats will seem like Lego toys. Soon after, the walls of Akko will appear. This medieval city still presents remarkable remains of its fortifications, port, and Ottoman period main mosque. Finally, at the border of Israel with Lebanon you will fly low and slow to admire the picturesque white grottoes of Rosh Hanikra.  Turning back, you will have a another chance to appreciate these beautiful coastal views again. It can also be combined with an inland flight above the Carmel mountains and the Sharon plains.

Book a Luxury Helicopter Tour of Golan Heights

Helicopter Tour Golan HeightsTaking off from Tel-Aviv, the helicopter will first fly above the Mediterranean coastline. After passing Caesarea, we will head inland to reach the Galilee. Below, you will see some of the biggest Arab cities in Israel, with new and large-sized mosques at their hilltops. Next, the mound of Megiddo marks the plains of Armageddon, site of the final battle according to the Apocalypse. At its northern end, the city of Nazareth will be seen in the distance. We will fly above Mt. Tabor, whose top holds the large-sized church of the Transfiguration. Next the Sea of Galilee will appear on your right, and the Golan Heights at its eastern end.

jeep tour golan heightsLanding near the border with Syria, a local expert guide will guide you in his off-road car along the purple line, introducing the special geo-politics of this region.

Lunch will be served in the home of a Druze family, and possibly followed by a visit to a local fine winery. After taking off, the helicopter will fly low above the rapids of the Jordan River, meandering into the Sea of Galilee.

Next, we will fly above Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, and Magdala. After an elegant leap above the cliffs of Arbel, we head back to Tel-Aviv via Megiddo.

The suggested tours above are all excellent ideas, although any luxury tour of Israel that involves a helicopter flight is a special project. Being so, contact us and let’s build your very own special luxury tour plan!


How much does it cost?

The cost of any helicopter flight mostly depends on the number of passengers, their total weight, and the length of the flight. It starts at $1200USD, for a 1-hour flight above Jerusalem, for a couple. Being well connected and experienced in this field, we can promise competitive prices for any flight request.

Can I combine special activities in the tour?

Sure! Share your thoughts with us. We can organize landing at specific locations where you can pull out a ring, have a festive private meal, or just enjoy an intimate picnic in the middle of the wilderness.

What kind of helicopters can I order?

See below the full list of available models


helicopter flight israel robinson r44R44 (Robinson): 3 passangers seats. Optional A/C.
Helicopter Tour GalileeBel 206 (“Sayfan”): 4 passangers seates. Optional A/C.
Helicopter Tour Golan HeightsBel 206 Long ranger (“Sayfanit”): 5 passangers seat. A/C.
Helicopter tour IsraelAirbus Eurocopter: 5/6 Passangers seats, Option for Double Engine. A/C.
Helicopter Tour to MasadaBk 117: 7 Passangers seats. No A/C.
helicopter tour jerusalemBel 429: Luxury 7 Passangers seats. Double Engine. A/C.
helicopter tour sikorsky 76Sikorsky 76: Double Engine. 2 pilots. 10 passangers seats. A/C.

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