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During 1948, the Jews fought vehemently  to form the state of Israel. They have achieved it, but Jerusalem was split. The Jordanians got a hold of east Jerusalem. They also conquered the Jewish Quarter in the Old City and evicted the Jews. For 19 years, the Jewish Quarter was left in ruins, and Jews were denied visiting and praying at the Western Wall. This would change oin June 1967. Attacking the Egyptian who blocked the Red Sea for Israeli maritime traffic, Israel got a hold of the Read Sea up to the Suez Canal. Israel did not plan to fight Jordan, but Hussein, King of Jordan, decided to attack as well. In return, on June 7th 1967, Israel got a hold of the Old City, uniting Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty.

Jerusalem Day

Since then, Jeruslaem Day is celebrated every year on June 7th, and especially in Jerusalem. In 2018, Erick and I met to review the 51st Jerusalem Day for The Watchman show. Aside from the festive events, we also visited memorials and monuments relating to the Jewish battles in the Old City in 1948 and 1967.

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