>  Top Tour Destinations in the Shephela

Top Tour Destinations in the Shephela

shefelah-goded-bar-kokhba-caves-columbariumThe Shephela, or Judean Lowlands, is a region in central Israel steeped in history. Nestled between the Coastal Plain and the Judean Mountains, it unfolds as a beautiful combination of biblical sites and lush landscapes. Home to events like David and Goliath battle, the Shephela invites exploration of its rich archaeological heritage. Visitors can trace the footsteps of civilizations past, savor some of its fine wineries, and visit local artisans.

Below is a list of our recommended top tour destination in the Shephela. Contact us to set a private tour to any of these sites. Alternatively combine them with any of our personalized multi-day private tour of Israel.