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The Archaeology of Caiaphas, the High Priest who Interrogated Jesus

Once captured, all Gospels record that Jesus was questioned by the High Priest. Two of the Gospels (Matthew and John), mention the high priest by name – Caiaphas.

From the first Century Historian Josephus we know that the full name of Caiaphas was Joseph Caiaphas, and that apparently, he was in seat between 18 and 36 AD.

Petrus in Gallicantu

Catholic tradition argues that the estate of Caiaphas the High Priest was on the eastern slopes of Mount Zion, in an area known as Petrus in Gallicantu (Latin for “Peter of the Cockcrow”).

Visitors to the site are presented with a set of underground caves, one of which is arguably the pit where Jesus was kept while being interrogated by Caiaphas. Discovered in 1888, the cave has eleven crosses engraved on its walls. Prompted by the dungeon-like appearance, it seems that early Christians identified the cave as the location of Jesus’ imprisonment.

However, from an archaeological point of view, this “prison” seems to really be a first century CE Jewish ritual bath (miqveh) which was later deepened and turned into a cistern.

The other finds from the site indicate the landlord was wealthy, but there is no conclusive evidence to suggest he was a High Priest, nor that the pit was used to detain anyone.

The Unfinished Armenian Church

Furthermore, Byzantine sources describe the home of Caiaphas as being elsewhere, on the top of Mount Zion, near Hagia Zion church, whose remains were found when constructing the Dormition Abbey.

armenian unfinished church

Remains of a wealthy residential area from the first century CE were recovered close to the ancient Hagia Zion church in the 1970s, on property of the Armenian church. Sadly, they did not bear any finds suggesting this was necessarily the estate of the High Priest. Nevertheless, the Armenian church sanctified it as such, and made plans to build a big church of it. This church has not been completed to this day. Within the Armenian Quarter the Armenians sancitfy another spot as the home of Annas, the Father-in-law of Caiaphas.

Another Location on Mount Zion?

In 2007 a new are was uncovered by an archaeological expedition led by Dr. Shimon Gibson and Dr. James Tabor. These excavations are uncovering, among others, remains of a wealthy estate. Could this be the mansion of Caiaphas? To Quote Tabor – Although we haven’t found proof for such a possibility, the circumstantial evidence is in favor of such an understanding”.

Perhaps Caiaphas Lived in the Jewish Quarter?

Herodian mosaic After the Six Days war, in 1967, intensive excavations were carried out in Jewish Quarter, before rebuilding and repopulating it. Among others, the archaeologists uncovered the remains of a luxurious house in the area called The Herodian Quarter. Covering 6500 sq. feet, it is designed like a Roman Villa, with its rooms set around a central courtyard. Some of its walls and floors were lavishly decorated with colorful frescoes and mosaic. Imported clay and glass kitchenware also attest to the unusual wealth of the residents of this house. 3 inkwells suggest also the family had a significant administrative role. The archaeologist labeled this property as a “Palatial Mansion”.

Is this where Jesus was Interrogated?

Herodian Quarter Jerusalem The many ritual baths set in the basements of this big property, the purity stone vessles, the lack figurative art in any of its decoration, and the evidence of the extreme wealth of its inhabitants, led some of the archaeologist to suggest this property was owned by one of the High-Priests of the first century CE.

Furthermore, in two archaeological sites just next to this mansion, two stone weight were uncovered, inscribed in Aramaic “..Kathros”. Kathros was a known wealthy family of priests. One of them, was the brother of Caiaphas. If so, it is quite possible that the two related priestly families resided close to one another.

But the most intriguing discovery in the palatial mansion is a sort of reception hall at its western wing. It is exceptionally big and decorated with molded clay (stucco) on its walls and even its ceiling. Perhaps Caiaphas the high priest summoned here the Sanhedrin to interrogate Jesus? While having no proof for this, it does remain a fascinating possibility.

The Caiaphas Ossuary

Clearer archaeological evidence of Caiaphas surfaced by surprise in 1990, during a salvage excavation on a mountain ridge south of the old city of Jerusalem. As a new road was being constructed in that area an ancient burial cave was accidentally discovered. Archaeologist Zvi Greenhut of the Israel Antiquities Authority was called to the scene, and he recovered in the cave 12 secondary burial bone boxes (ossuaries).

caiaphas ossuary One of the ossuaries was very ornate and bore two inscriptions on its side, both saying “Yoseph of Caiapha” (Aramaic for “Joseph of Caiaphas”). Inside the ossuary, among others, were the bones of a male in his sixties. Being so, it seems possible that this was the ossuary used for the secondary burial of Caiaphas, the High Priest who questioned Jesus. This ossuary today is on permanent display in the Israel Museum.

The Caiaphas Granddaughter Ossuary

(C) Boaz Zissu

One would not expect the find of another ossuary that could be connected to Caiaphas, but archaeology has its surprises, and just a few months ago another ossuary related to Caiaphas was purchased by the state of Israel. It is less ornate then the Caiaphas ossuary, but is inscribed as belonging to “Miriam, daughter of Yeshua“. Her grandfather, according to the inscription, is – “[Priest] CAIAPHAS“.

Touring the Caiaphas Sites

Petrus in Gallicantu is a Catholic complex that is open every day except Sunday. The Armenian “unfinished” church is not open to the public, but upon request special arrangements can be made to visit the place.

The Caiaphas Ossuary is on permanent display in the Archaeological wing of the Israel Museum. The Ossuary of the grand daughter of Caiaphas is in storage by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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