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Like Nazareth, Cana was a small village nestling in the Galilee mountains some 2,000 years ago. It was the hometown of Bartholomew, one of Jesus’ Disciples, but it is perhaps best known as the site where Jesus performed a miracle. During a wedding, he turned water into wine, demonstrating, for the first time his divine powers. With The Watchman production, I gave a short presentation of the Catholic church in Cana. It is said to be built over the site where the wedding took place. Archaeological research done at the site uncovered remains of an ancient synagogue, right under the church. Since synagogues were also public buildings for community affairs in antiquity, it is possible to claim that the evidence of the synagogue alludes to the possibility that the wedding took place here.

Where are the Stone Jars of Cana?

The Gospel of John, which is the only source to the event, indicates that before turnning into wine, the water was kept in six big stone jars. A big stone vat beneath the church’s apse is believed by some to be one of these jars. Opposite the church, is another Greek-Orthodox church. By the entrance, two additional stone jars that refer to the wedding are on display.

Touring Cana

Cana is about 6 miles north of Nazareth. Despite its significance in Christianity, most of its population is Muslim. The Catholic and Greek-Orthodox churches are a short walk from the main road crossing the village.

A tour of Cana can be combined with a day tour of the Galilee.

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