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April 27th 2015 will be remembered by me as one the best days of my life!. I got to know the “Renaissance” as a teen-ager. “Mother Russia” was the first song I heard of them, on a record of my brother. Eventually I bought all their records I could find. then through my “Walkman” when off shifts, and when driving my motor cycle. Their unique melodies combining classic and rock could not be matched. Nor could the fantastic / angelic voice of Annie Haslam.


But I never thought one day I would actually meet her, nor guide her!.

This year (2015) I was considering combining my annual vacation abroad with a live concert. And when I thought which band I would wish to hear most, the conclustion was – the Renaissance. The all-mighty google answered my prayers and informed me that Renaissance actually united recently and are running a tour across Europe!. I was trying to set my next vacation to match their scheduled concert in belgium, but a few days later I read on YNET that they are actually coming to Israel!!!! (I started screaming in the restaurant when I read it..).

Calling my friends and colleagus to share with them my excitment, my friend Aviv Jasman replied – “you stupid.. reach the producer and offer to guide them!”… Why didn’t I think of it?? Again the all-mighty Google answered my prayers and I tracked the producer, Patrick of progstage productions. To my great pleasure he approved my offer, and so on April 27th, I actually guided Annie and the band in the Old city of Jerusalem!!! We visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western wall before they rushed back to Tel-Aviv to prepare for the show. Here is a photo of me and Annie in front of the Holy Sepulchre:

annie haslam

Around 20:40 the magic began, with Annie leading an AMAZING live preformance for nearly two hours. I stood the whole time!. And before one of the last songs Annie said she wishes to dedicate the following song to – me!!!.


My son quickly pulled out the phone and recorded the last part of Annie’s gratitude of my guided tour to her and the band!

I was AMAZED at this kind gesture!.

And the song was – “Mother Russia”.. I was in tears.

Thank you Annie for this WONDERFULL evening. A day I will never forget!. And if you get to read this, allow me to quote from one of your songs:

“If ever you’re near

And have some time to spend

I love you every way

Love you like a friend”

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