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Mount Nebo is documented in the Book of Deuteronomy as the place from which Moses saw the Promised Land. Here, he completed the task of leading the Israelites across the desert from Egypt. Today,  this site is in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In 2018, Erick and I met on Mount Nebo to review the site, and appreciate the breathtaking panoramas of the Promised Land, Today’s Israel, from its western edge.

Mount Nebo in the Bible

Mount Nebo is said to be opposite Jericho. From here, God presented the Promised Land to Moses but added that he would not enter it. The text then records the death of Moses and the place of his burial – “opposite Beth Peor; but no one knows his grave to this day.” (Deut. 34:6). Nevertheless, by Christian tradition, Moses was buried on Mount Nebo as well, although no burial spot is specified. The Muslims developed a different tradition, claiming Moses is buried at a Nabi Musa, about 15 miles of Jerusalem.

Touring Mount Nebo

In the Byzantine period, a church complex was built at the site that marks Mount Nebo by Christian tradition. This church is known for its ornate mosaic floors, as well as the grand view of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea from the western court. It is recommended to combine the visit to Mount Nebo with a visit to Madaba, the baptism site, Amman and Machaerus.

A tour of Mount Nebo could be combined in a multi day tour of Jordan.

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