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tour to CapernaumCapernaum (Hebrew: Kfar Nahum – “Village of Nahum”) is an ancient fishing village on the NW shores of the sea of Galilee, known mostly as  “the town of Jesus” (Mat. 4:13).

It existed as a fhising village in Roman times, and as a pilgrimage destination in later antiquity, yet later abanodoned and forgotton.

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The site was re-discovered in 1838, and excavated since the 1900’s. Today visitors to Capernaum can admire a well preserved ornate Jewish Synagogue, an Octagonal Church built over a home believed to be the house where Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law, and a mysterious Mausoleum .

capernaum churchOn the eastern side of the site, whch is maintained by the Gree-Orthodox church, is a church Commemorating the presumed site where Jesus appointed his Disciples (“Church of the twelth Apostels”).


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A video of touring Capernaum in 1951..