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Nestled in the picturesque Lower Galilee region, Cana is renowned for its significance in the Christian world. It is the disciple Bartholomew’s hometown, where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine during the wedding feast.

A Brief Historical Review

In ancient sources, Cana is mentioned only sporadically, as it was a small village in a remote and hilly region. It is primarily known for the miracle that transpired during a wedding feast Jesus and his disciples attended. The New Testament recounts how Jesus, noticing the shortage of wine, blessed six stone pots containing water, and they miraculously turned into wine (John 2). This event, exclusively documented in the Gospel of John, is often viewed as Jesus’ first miracle. Cana continued to be inhabited in the following centuries and preserved its name today.

Cana Today

The site of Cana is identified as Kafr Cana, an Arab village 5 miles north of Nazareth. The Catholic church that commemorates the miracle is a popular Christian pilgrimage destination. Moreover, many couples choose Cana to renew their wedding vows. The Wedding Church provides a meaningful historical backdrop for these joyous ceremonies, symbolizing love, faith, and commitment.

Archeological Research

Archeological excavations under the Wedding Church in the 1990s uncovered a giant stone vat. Local tradition maintains that this vat may have been one of the six stone jars whose water mordaciously turned into wine. This stone vat is still on display in a crypt beneath the church, attracting many pilgrims. Furthermore, the excavations also uncovered evidence of a synagogue that once stood where the church now resides.

Visiting Cana

The Catholic wedding church is open to the public Monday to Saturday,  from 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:45. The adjacent Greek-Orthodox church is not regularly open. The alleys leading to both churches are known for their souvenir shops, and in some, you can sample the wines produced in the region.

A tour of Cana can be combined with a day tour of the Galilee.

“A tour to Cana promises a memorable and meaningful experience that resonates with the timeless values of love and faith.” (Danny “the Digger” Herman)

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