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Jerusalem’s Christian Legacy Tour

Tour of the Christian Heritage in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the epicenter of Western religions, and for Christian believers the sanctity of the Jerusalem is marked all over the city. Mount of Olives marks Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem, and later his ascension, to the Heavens. The Christian Quarter marks his death and resurrection. Mount Zion marks the site of the Last Supper, the Pentecost, and other events, just to name a few. A full day private tour of Jerusalem, devoted to the Christian heritage of the city, will only reach some of these sites. However, it will cover the highlights, and leave you with the desire to explore more.

Discover the Garden of Gethsemane

Our day will start with a stunning panoramic view of Jerusalem’s Old City from Mount of Olives Viewpoint. This is one of the most beautiful observation points in Israel. It enables a short introduction, a photo opportunity – and even a camel ride. Nearby, we can also visit the Chapel of the Ascension, and the church of Pater Noster (where it’s said that Jesus introduced the Lord’s prayer to his discipiles). Driving down to the Kidron Valley, we pass by a few more holy Christian sites. One of them is Dominus Flevit, where Jesus wept upon his entry to Jerusalem (Luke 19). At the foothill, we will visit the rock venerated as where Jesus cried “please pass this cup away from me,” in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Visit the Site of The Last Supper

A short and scenic ride around the Cld City will get us to Mount Zion, where we will park the car and embark on a tour by foot for the rest of the day. Our first stop will be the site that marks The Last Supper (“Cenacle“). Set in a medieval building, here it is said that Jesus predicted the betrayal by Judas, and his own death. Beneath it, you may want to visit the Tomb mark of King David, or a few of the other intriguing Holy Christian sites identified on Mount Zion.

Walk along the Stations of the Cross

Next we enter the Old City. Passing through the Jewish Quarter, we could visit the famed Western wall. Reaching the Muslim Quarter, we join the Via Dolorosa, the traditional path from the site of the trial of Jesus to the site of his crucifixion. Assessing the Roman Catholic traditions along this holy axis, we pass also pass under “Ecce Homo” Arch, and eventually reach  the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Here, as told in centuries old stories, lies the hill of Jesus’ crucifixion (Golgotha), and his Tomb.

A lunch break in the local market (the Suq), is also a good opportunity to purchase some Christian themed souvenirs. Olive wood works are especially popular, and we know a few great places you can go to.

Discover the Armenian Quarter

After a lunch break, we move on to the Armenian Quarter and learn about this fascinating Christian order and its long presence in Jerusalem. Its main church, Saint James Cathedral is open only for 30 minutes every day to the general public, but its absolutely worth it. Besides the impressive medieval design,  you will also be able to view an ages old Armenian procession led by a boys choir.Time permitting, when returning to the car we could visit the resting place of Mary (Dormition Abbey), the site identified by some as the First Century Church. Or, another option could be, the traditional site of the denial of Peter (Petrus in Gallicantu). This tour is a unique spiritual experience for any Christian or any person wanting to expand their knowledge on Christian Theology  and history.

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    Did you Know?

    Half of the stations along the “Stations of the Cross” are not recorded in the New Testament.

    Danny is incredibly knowledgeable on the biblical, historical and political information surrounding all the sites… As a Christian, Danny has offered me so much insight into the life of Jesus as well.

    Richard E., USA

    We are a Christian Family of five from the United States. Danny gave us an outstanding tour of Jerusalem and Herodion. His Archaeology background and knowledge of the Old and the New Testament is impressive and his explanations brought the holy sites to life... Our three teenage children loved his tours!

    Joan D., USA

    I learnt more about the Bible with Danny in a day than I have ever had attending Sunday school or church. The tour was just excellent!

    John M., UK trip to the Holy Land will last my entire life…I really appreciated how you wove the history from the New Testament into our tours…You taught me so much. Please don’t think me presumptuous- I am very sincere. It was a privilege to spend time with you.

    Pam H., USA

    Thanks very much for a really special day. I loved being able to go to the special places for Christians.. an everlasting experience for me… And thanks… for your professionalism and deep knowledge and dedication...

    Ann D., New Zealand

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