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In early 2020, I participated in a production by popular Youtubers, Sergio and Rhoda. We filmed at the barely known springs south of Beit-She’an, that may be related to John the Baptist.

Where is Aenon Near Salim?

According to John 3:23, John the Baptist was also operating at Aenon Near, Salim. Christian pilgrims in the 4th century identified these springs at a site in the Jordan Valley, around a mound called Tel Shalem. Some recorded monks living in the area. The Muslim conquest in the 7th century CE resulted in an abandonment of the place. To this day, no traces of the monastery have been found. The springs are used by local Arab farmers, to irrigate their fields. This is perhaps the very single last Christian site mentioned in the New Testament that has not been excavated, nor developed as a church or a pilgrimage destination.

Touring John’s Baptismal Springs

The springs are spread around Tel Shalem. Most of them are at the northern end of the West Bank. There are also no signs or even paved roads reaching them. In the winter the roads can also be flooded. Nevertheless, tracking these springs and visiting them is quite a rewarding challenge. It is the only site mentioned in the Gospels that have never been developed in any way.

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