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“Duc in Altum” Church

duc in altum

“Duc in Altum” (Latin: “put out into the deep”, Luke 5:4) is the name given to the church built at ancient Migdal / Magdala, as part of the “Magdala Project“.

This church is one of the most impressive Christian worship structures in the Holy Land. The entry, called “The Women’s Atrium” is dedicated to all women followers of Jesus. 7 of the pillars inside the atrium present names of women mentioned in the Gospels. The 8 coloumn is empty, devoted to every woman visiting the site.

Four small chapels around the Atrium display different scenes relating to Jesus and his ministry in the Galilee in a fascinating mosaic art work.

The main hall of the church is shaped like an inverted boat. Accordingly, it is called “the Boat Chapel”. The raised apse is paved with specially imported green marble from Norway. On it a ceder made boat shaped altar invites groups to have mass. Behind the transparent wall of the apse and infinity pool merges the apse with the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. The result is stunningly beautiful.

Beneath the main hall, and reminiscent to a church’s crypt is the “Encounter Chapel”. Built over an original paved courtyard of ancient Migdal, the chapel is possibly at the main marketplace of Magdala in antiquity, near its wharf. the seats and walls are designed to echo the interior of the ancient synagogue found in Magdala. A hyper-realistic large painting behind its alar eludes to the possibility that here is where Jesus cured a hemorrhaging woman (Mat. 9:20-22).

“Duc in Altum”  is an architectural masterpiece, and possibly the most beautifully designed church in the Holy Land.

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Magdala is located on the Western Shore of the Sea of Galilee, and is about 2.5 hours drive from Tel-Aviv. 

Contact us for a proposal of a full day tour of Galilee, that will also include a visit to Magdala and its “Duc in Altum” Church.

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