Bar’am National Park is located in the northern part of Israel, merely half a mile from the Lebanese border. It is an archaeological site presenting impressive remains of an ancient Jewish village and synagogue dating back to the Byzantine period. The synagogue of Bar’am is renowned for its well-preserved state, and especially its façade.

History and Archaeology of Bar’am

The village of Bar’am was likely a prosperous Jewish community during the 4th to 6th centuries. This is most evident by the size and grandeur of its synagogue. Its architectural style and decorations, a unique blend of Jewish and Greco-Roman Eastern styles, offer a fascinating glimpse into the cultural fusion of the time.

Although the site is not mentioned in contemporaneous sources, its ruins have been recorded by Jewish travelers since the 13th century. In the 19th century, a Maronite Christian community from Lebanon settled near the synagogue, and in 1949, Israel established a kibbutz nearby.

Touring Bar’am

Today, Bar’am National Park and a site of historical and archaeological importance. Visitors to the park can explore the ancient ruins, including the synagogue, and learn about the rich history of Jewish life in the Galilee region during the Byzantine period.

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