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Located on a hill at the western end of Eilat, the 10,000-year-old shrines represent a mysterious and fantastic pattern of worshipping standing stones. Over 140 such sites were documented in the Negev desert and in Sinai Peninsula, all dating to the Neolithic period. Most of these shrines seem to be for the worship of twin deities (Ba’al and Ashera?) and are oriented towards the west. It is Canaanite religions stemmed from such worship in the far past.

Touring the Neolithic Shrines of Eilat

Eilat’s Neolithic shrines are concentrated on a hill next to the junction of road 12 and ‘Derech Harim’. The site is open year-round, free of charge.

A guided visit to the Neolithic shrines can be combined with a tour to Eilat.

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