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genesis-landGenesis Land (in Hebrew Eretz Bereshit) is a tourist attraction set in the northern Judean Desert, offering a Biblical-themed desert hospitality experience. Dressed in linen garments, Abraham’s servant greets you and leads you to your camel. A short ride brings you to a big tent where you will be offered some refreshments. Next you will meet various Biblical characters who will share with you their life experiences and reward you with a camel driving license. Various optional activities are also possible, such as pita baking, pottery making, camping by a bonfire, and more.

Visiting Genesis Land

The attraction is located along the road between Jerusalem to Jericho, near the Good Samaritan Inn. The experience is a popular tourist attraction among families and youth groups. The activity must be coordinated in advance, and can be set as part of a guided day tour of the Dead Sea.

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