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Hisham’s Palace \ Khirbat al-Mafjar

hisham palaceHisham’s palace is an impressive archaeological in the nothern part of the Palestinian controlled oasis of Jericho .

Built in the 8th century, “Hisam’s palace” is comprised of an elaborate palace and an ornate bath complex. It was mostly excavated by American archaeologist D.C. Baramki.

Despite its name the identity of its builder is not really certain, yet its destruction is firmly attributed to the devastating earthquake in 749 CE.

The decorations are unique by the common use of stucco, and the depiction of of figurative art and even nudity, which is so rare in Muslim art.

These subjects attest to the early and formative years of Mulsim art and culture. Many of the decorations from Hisham’s palace can be seen at the Rockefeller Museum .


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