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The saying, “Time is money”, becomes especially relevant when traveling. The cost of flights, accommodations, activities and meals can make any travel experience quite costly. Being so, it is important to get the best value for your time and money. A private guide is the perfect solution, and especially for Israel! Here are 10 reasons why –

1. Custom Tailored Itinerary

A private tour is a fully customized schedule that is set by you and the guide. It is created  with all your specific requests, needs and interests in mind.

2. Best Use of Time

A customized tour also maximizes the use of your limited time. This ensures you get as many activities in each day, and the best hours to visit certain sites. This is especially important for the popular sites that can get crowded at certain hours of the day, and certain times of the year.

3. Flexibility During the Tour

Even if we agreed on a great tour plan, with a private tour, you don’t have to stick to the actual schedule. Apart from pre-set and pre-paid activities, the tour is totally flexible to any change you wish to make as we go.

4. You Don’t Have to Drive!

When you have a local, private guide you don’t have to deal with any car rentals, driving, navigating, parking, or other risks. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and fascinating explanations on the way!

5. Detailed High-Level Explanations

Unlike a taxi ride, with a professional and licensed guide you get detailed explanations all the way through. This creates many opportunities for interesting, in-depth conversations about the sites that we see throughout the tour.

6. Getting to Know a Local and his world

While traveling with a private guide, you get to know so much more than just his country. You truly get an inside look into his world, his Hebrew language, his opinions, his favorite foods and drinks, and his circle of friends and family. This truly makes an immersive experience.

7. Visiting Special Places

With a private guide, you get the opportunity to see unique spots. An additional bonus to this is avoiding big group tours. Enjoy special (and more intimate) food experiences, a great boutique winery, an artist in his studio, and more!

8. Security

Unfortunately, Israel is still a land of conflict. Safety is always something you should take into consideration while traveling anywhere. This being said, your safety is our top priority. Private guides avoid risky areas and only travel to the places you are most secure.

9. Transparency (No Scams)

Unfortunately, a common hindrance that happens in a lot of countries is something called tourists targeted scams. With our local, private guides there is complete transparency in the service. We have licensed professionals doing the job, so you never have to worry about going through something like this while you’re in our hands! .

10. Best Value for Your Time and Money

With all of the benefits mentioned above, it is clear that with a private tour you get the best value for your money! Once everything is planned out, let us worry about the timing and organizing. With our tours, all you have to do is enjoy your very well earned vacation.

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