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Bio Tour Sde Eliyahu

Sde Eliyahu is a religious kibbutz in the Beth-Shean valley (actually I studied in its school as a child!). Since the 1970’s it has a leading industry of Organic agriculture. The Kibbutz offers a unique tour introducing their research and achievments, and in their visitors center one can try and purchase some of their local products.

Book a Private Bio Tour in Sde Eliyahu

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is in the Beit She’an  valley. The “Bio Tour” has to be pre set, and is led by a local guide. Contact me for a full day tour that will include a visit to the site.

Points of Interest in the Area

Beit She’an
 leylot sheanLeylot She’an
beth alpha synagogueBeth Alpha
Aenon near Salim