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Cave of the Letters

cave of the letters lookout“Cave of the Letters” was the name given by Prof. Yigael Yadin  to a cave he excavated in the 1960’s in Nahal Hever, after the discovery of dramtic remains of the last stages of the Jewish Rebelleion against the Romans known as the “Bar-Kokhba Revolt

cave of the letter memorialThe remains included various personal items of the Jews who lived in nearby Ein-Gedi, and yet fled to this cave for survival. The remains of skeletons indicate most of them did not survive, and they either died of starvation, or due to a safication from a fire lit at the entrance to the cave by the Romans. 

The most famous discovery were a cache of letters sent from Bar-Kokhba himself to the rebels of Ein-Gedi, with various tactical and religious instructions. 

tour to the cave of the letters

A monument above the cliff of the cave holds the remains of the rebels after being studied. The plaque over the place of this secondary burial was vandalised several times, most likely by Arab Palestinians living in the area. 


TV Movie about the renewed excavations at the “Cave of the Letters”


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