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masada museumOpened in 2007, the Masada Museum is a specially designed exhibit of some of the most important artifacts found in Masada. Eight showrooms lead the visitor through dark spaces. The artifacts are lit among silhouettes representing the figures who made and used them. The exhibit pays tribute to Herod’s engineers, the Jewish rebels and refuges, The Roman tenth legion, and the archaeological expedition who excavated Masada in the 1960s. Most significant is the last room, showing 12 pottery shards inscribed with names. The last one reads Ben-Yair. Yadin, the head of the excavations to Masada, believes this could have been the mark of Elazar Ben Yair, head of the Jewish rebels, in the lot among the last ten rebels before their suicide.

Visiting Masada’s Museum

The museum is in Masada’s visitor center. Personal headsets operate automatically as you enter each room. Admission is NIS 20. The experience is informative, interesting and highly recommended.

A tour of Masada and Masada’s Museum can be combined in a day tour of the Dead Sea.

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