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chain of Generations is a unique and creative exhibition of Jewish history developed by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. Located near the Western Wall, the presentation is comprised of eight subterranean halls, each presenting, through 95 tons sheets of glass, significant figures, sites, and events in Jewish history. One of the rooms also exhibits major archaeological finds relating to the first Jewish temple, and its time.

The tour also uses innovative sound and light interplay, through a state-of-the-art technology, to tell the story of the liberation of the Western Wall by the IDF paratroopers in 1967. The exhibitions integrates an archaeological display in an old stone structure, with massive art works of glass. The exhibits combines it with holograms and music, stimulating the senses and generating a feel of pride to walk in the path of Jewish history.

Setting the Chain of Generations for a Bar-Mitzvah Event

The Chain of Generations exhibition is especially exciting for a Bar-Mitzvah in Israel tour or event. It can be visited after a Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony at the Western Wall or Azrat Israel as an integral part of the event.

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