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Christian-quarter-processionsThe Christian quarter is one of the four quarters in the Old city of Jerusalem, although the Armenian Quarter is also really a Christian Quarter. It is home of some 5000 residents, and about 40 Christian institutions, churches, and holy Christian sites. Most important is the church of the Holy Sepulchre. By centuries old Christian tradition, it marks Jesus’ site of crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. The path leading to it from the east is also holy in the Christian worlds. It marks “The Stations of the Cross“, the supposed path Jesus took, from from his trial’s site to the place of his execution. Other Holy Christian sites in the Christian Quarter include John the Baptist “Prodromos” church, The Russian Nevsky Church; the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, and more. The bustling streets and alleys between its many institutions are filled with fresh drinks stands, a few restaurants, and MANY souvenir shops. Most of them sell “genuine” cheap mementos originally made in China and India. But some to offer unique and local crafts such as the Aramaic Ceramics shop of Eli Kouz, his nephew’s olive wood artwork store (George Kouz Store), Zack’s shop of antiquities , Photo Elia and Bilal Fabric Store.

Touring the Christian Quarter

christian-quarterThe Christian Quarter is easy to reach from Jaffa Gate. Just enter David’s street, and turn left on “Christian Road”, or at the next left turn, into the Muristan commercial area. The Holy Sepulchre it at their other end. Aside the pilgrimage and shopping experience, the Christian quarter also offers a few lunch places. Most, unfortunately, are quite mediocre and overpriced. My recommendation is a simple, quick, and very tasty lunch break at Hummus Arafat, and perhaps some coffee and Mutabak at Zalatimo, for desert.

Touring the Christian Quarter is a must for any Christian visiting Jerusalem, and is a perfect fit in a Day tour of Jerusalem.

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