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King David’s Tomb Mark

King David tomb“David’s Tomb” mark on Mount Zion  is a site viewed since Crusaders times as the tomb of King David.

It is located at the ground floor of a former Crusaders complex. The second floor of the building is by Christian tradition the location of the “Last Supper” (Cenacle ).

In Ottomans times its entrance was decorated with ornamental tiles, but they were vandalised in 2012.

David’s Tomb

King David’s Tomb ( Hebrew: קבר דוד המלך‎) is a site considered by some to be the burial place of David, King of Israel, according to a tradition beginning in the 12th century. The majority of historians and archaeologists do not consider the site to be the actual resting place of King David.

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A Rare 360 degree photo of the room with the fake tomb mark of King David, next to the Cenacle !.