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King David’s Tomb

Tour to King David tombAccording to the Bible King David was buried within the City of David, with his forefathers (I Kings 2:9). His burial site was used by several successing kings as well.  In 1913 Edmond James de Rotschild sponsered the dig of Reymond Weil in the southern slope of the City of David in search of the Biblical royal tombs.  Weill discovered eight elaborate tombs, which several scholars suggest to be remains of the Royal cemetary.

king david tomb markUnfortunately the remains are fragmentary and insufficiant to draw clear conclusions. Furthemore, since the middle ages Judaism suggests to locate the  Tomb mark of King David at the top of Mount Zion, under the building which Christianity identifies as the site of the “Last Supper” (Cenacle).

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The possible site of King David’s tomb in the City of David  is at the heart of the site.

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Presenting the presumed site of King David’s Tomb to Cindy Brannon, 2019


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