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eingedi nature reserve

Ein Gedi nature reserve is one of the most beautiful national parks in Israel. It is set between two dramatic canyons along the western shores of the Dead Sea. Its perennial springs form two scenic streams that provide wild vegetation and a haven for desert mammals. Especially common are flocks of the Nubian Ibex, and the Rock Hyrax (a small mammal that somewhat resembles a guinea pig)

Hiking and Swimming in Ein Gedi’s Nature Reserve

There are nine marked trails in Ein Gedi’s nature reserve, but the two most popular are the hike up to Shulamit waterfall in Nahal David, and along the stream of Nahal Arugot. The lush green landscape along these trails form a dramatic contrast to the arid cliff of the Judean Desert around it. It is recommended to hike in bathing suites and water sandals and enjoy the natural pools with freshwater.

A tour of Ein-Gedi Nature reserve can be a great activity to combine in a guided day tour of the Dead Sea.

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