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Nestling in the heart of Ein Gedi Nature reserve, Ein Gedi’s ancient synagogue was discovered by chance in 1965. Kibbutz members were installing a water pipe for irrigating their date palm groves when the tractor hit a mosaic floor. An archaeological expedition from the Hebrew University uncovered the building, the proved to a be 1,500-year-old synagogue. Its mosaic floor was decorated with charming patters and 4 lengthy inscriptions. One of them alluded to a secret the community held whose nature is mystery to this day. A burnt scroll found on its floor was deciphered only in 2015. It proved to be a copy of Leviticus.

Touring Ein-Gedi’s Ancient Synagogue

Ein-Gedi’s synagogue is with the Ein Gedi Nature reserve an national park. It is open every day, from 8:00 to 17:00. The synagogue is a great example of a Jewish community thriving in the Judean Desert in Talmudic times. Its wealth was probably based on the lucrative production of Balsam perfume.

Touring Ein Gedi’s ancient synagogue can be combined in a day tour of the Dead Sea.

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