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quranThe Quran, also spelled Qur’an, is the holy book of Islam. Muslims consider it to be the literal word of God, as revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. For the Muslim world, it serves as a guide for matters of faith, practice, morality, and law. While, as a whole, it aims to spread and replace other forms of faith, its attitude towards Judaism is a bit confusing.

While it addresses Judaism as People of the Book (Ahl al-kitab), or people of authority to consulte with (Surah 10:94) it includes, at times, a critique. The most poignant is the claim that Allah turned the Jews into apes (Surah 2:65) or pigs and monkeys (Surah 5:60).

The Quran Entitles the Holy Land – to the Children of Israel!

With this in mind, it is quite surprising to find quotes in the Quran where the Children of Israel (of which one group is the Jews), are ordered to settle their land!

Here are a few examples –

Surah 5:20-21:And Moses said to his people.. O My people, Remember God’s blessing to you.. enter the Holy Land which God assigned to you..

This is repeated again in Surah 10 –

Surah 10:93: “And we settled the Children of Israel in a position of honor”

Allocating the Holy Land by the Sons of Israel appears again in Surah 17 –

Surah 17:104: “And we said to them: “Inhabit the land..”

And again in Surah 28 –

Surah 28:5-6: “But we desired to favor those who were oppressed in the land, and make them leaders, and to make them the inheritors. And to establish them in their land..”

In fact, according to Quran’s Surah 7, the sons of Israel are entitled to BOTH sides of the Jordan River! –

Surah 7: 133:And we made the oppressed people inherit the eastern and the western parts of the land, which we had blessed. Thus the fair promise of your lord to the children of Israel was fulfilled because of their endurance..

On the other hand, NOWHERE in the Quran it states that the Holy Land should be given or settled by Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians, or any entity BUT the Israelites.

Conclusion: Any Muslim arguing the Jewish state of Israel should cease to exist is actually an infidel to Islam! He is undermining his own holy scripture!

Jerusalem and the Quran

Another interesting note – Jerusalem is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran, not even once. Muhammad never reached Jerusalem. The “night journey” was to the furthest mosque, which should be somewhere between Mecca and Medina. Besides – his wife said he never left his bed, which means the event was more of a vision. Read here more about Jerusalem and Islam here.

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