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“Is it dangerous to come to Israel”?

Many people expect Israel to be a dengerous destination because of the media. Yet they find the touring experience to be very safe and positive. Some comment at the end that they actually felt safer here then anywhere else!.


“Do I have to provide a down payment?”

no. Payment is done at the end of the tour, in cash or by a check.


“Do I have to pay for the guides’ entry to sites?”



“Do I have to pay for the guides’ meals?”

no, though most invite me to join..


Do I have to pay for the guides’ accommodations?

Yes and no.

No – if the over night is in Jeruslaem or Tel-Aviv.

Yes –  if the over night  is in the north, or in the south\ Eilat.


When is the best time to visit Israel?


Here are a few reasons:


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