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Palmach Museum

Located in northern Tel-Aviv, the Palmach Museum is an institution devoted to the Palmach, a Jewish strike force that operated in the 1940s and had a critical role in establishing the state of Israel.

The Palmach

The Palmach was founded in 1941 as a Jewish elite fighting force that was trained by the British. Its members were recruited from the Haganah paramilitary organization, and its original purpose was a rare collaboration between the Jews in Palestine and the British to fight Nazi Germany. When the British left the Palmach played a key role in the 1948 war of Independence. They had 2,000 warriors in 3 brigades, as well as a naval, aerial and intelligence force. During the war they became the core of Israel’s national army – Israel Defense Force.

History of the Palmach Museum

palmach museumOpened in 2000, the Palmach museum is not a museum in the classical sense. There are no artifacts on display, and no signs with explanations. It is an experiential museum, in which the visitors join a virtual group of young Palmach recruits. They follow their trainings, join them in combats, and get acquainted with the Palmach team spirit.

The innovative presentation is a masterpiece. The 3D décor, multi-media and other effects makes each visitor immerse in the story and its figures, culminating in the establishment of the state of Israel. The tour ends with a memorial hall commemorating Palmach fallen soldiers in the struggle to establish the Jewish nation.

Visiting the Palmach Museum

The museum operates every day of the week. Tours are led by a devoted local staff in small groups and must be pre-booked. The tour takes 90 minutes and is for children over 6 years only. It is also possible to visit the Palmach archive and get to meet Palmach veterans who volunteer at the museum.

“The innovative concept of the Palmach museum is simply brilliant! The result is a very moving experience, and I hope more museum will adopt this concept” Team member, Danny “the Digger” Herman.

Points of Interest in the Area

The Palmach Museum is next to Rabin center and Eretz-Israel Msueum. It is also close to the Diaspora Museum (Beit Hatfutsot).

A group tour of the Palmach Museum can be combined with a guided day tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv.

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