ANU museum

Opened in March 2021, the ANU (“אנו”) Museum is the biggest Jewish Museum in the world. It is dedicated to the Jewish people’s history, experiences, spirit, and accomplishments since biblical times.

Set on the grounds of the Tel-Aviv University, in northern Tel-Aviv, the ANU (“אנו”) Museum replaced the veteran “Diaspora Museum” (“בית התפוצות”) established 1978. Re-opened in March 2021, and at the cost of $100 million, the Museum covers 72,000 square feet and has four wings spread over three floors. On its ground floor is a children-friendly interactive exhibition, “Heroes,” devoted to Jewish Heroes and leading figures through the ages. Its other exhibitions are dedicated to Jewish Identity and culture (“the Mosaic”); Jewish history and story (“The Journey”); the core of Jewish practice, beliefs, and traditions (“Foundations”); 21 scale models of synagogues from around the world (“The Synagogue Wing”). Perhaps most entertaining is the museum’s review of Jewish humor (“Let there be laughter”).

Touring ANU Museum

The Museum is open every day of the week, including Saturday. You don’t need to book it in advance.

A tour of ANU Museum can be combined in a day tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv.

Contact us to inquire more about a private tour to ANU Museum:

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