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The Book of Samuel records David establishing a palace and a stronghold in Jerusalem after he conquers the city (II Sam. 4:9, 17). Although the details are insufficient to indicate its exact location, it was probably in a high and prominent spot. After all, from his palace David could even see Batsheva bathing on her rooftop. (2 Sam.11:2).

King David’s Palace Found?

king-david-palaceIn 2005-2007 Dr. Eilat Mazar uncovered remains of a large stone structure in the City of David, right above Area G. She argued that its foundation was in the 10th century BCE, and being so, these could be the remains of King David’s Palace and stronghold.

If indeed so, this is one of the most important discoveries ever made in Jerusalem, but other scholars point to the lack of sufficient indicative evidence to validate this thesis.

Visiting the site

The possible remains of King David’s palace are under the visitor center of City of David National park. It is accessible by a walkway beneath the visitor center.

For a full appreciation of the site it is recommended to have a guided day tour of Jerusalem that will include the City of David.

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