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City of David

City of David is one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel. Located south of the old city of Jerusalem,  most of the City of David is under the Arab village of Silwan, yet Ir David Foundation (ELAD) developed much the site. 

Its main attractions include: The Visitors center, possible King David’s palace , Possible King David’s Tomb  Area G , and the water system of Biblical Jerusalem  – Warren’s shaft  , “Hezekiah’s Tunnel“ , the “Canaanite Tunnel” , the Pool of Siloam , and the  Herodian drainage channel  which ends right in front of the Western Wall   .


“Danny the Digger” rating:      +

Christian Interest:       +

Jewish Interest:      +

Children Interest:       +


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Points of Interest in the Area

area g Area G
 gihon spring Hezekiah’s Tunnel 
 king david tomb David’s Tomb