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Monastery of the Temptation

The “Monastery of the Temptation” (Arabic: “Deir Al-Quruntal” – “Monastery of the dorty (days)”) is Greek-Orthodox monastery located on a cliff above Jericho . By local Christian tradition it is said to be the site where Jesus spent forty days and nights resisting the Temptations of Satan (Mat. 4:1-11) , after being baptised at the nearby Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud)  .

Inside the monastery the Monks present the alleged rock on which Jesus sat when resisting the temptations. 

In 1998 a cable car from Biblical Jericho (Tel es-Sultan ) reaches the entrance to the monastery where there is also a restaurant and a cafe. 

Monastery of the Temptation

The Monastery of the Temptation ( Greek: Μοναστήρι του Πειρασμού, Arabic: دير القرنطل‎ Deir al-Quruntal) is a Greek Orthodox monastery located in Jericho, Palestine. It was built on the slopes of the Mount of Temptation 350 meters above sea level, situated along a cliff overlooking the city of Jericho and the Jordan Valley.

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Points of Interest in the Area

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Book a Private Tour to Monastery of the Temptation

Monastery of the Temptations is located above Jericho , in the West Bank, and is under Palestinian Control.

Being so, I recommend to contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Jericho and the area. with a Palestinian guide.