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scopus viewpoint

The Mount Scopus observation point is at the eastern end of Mount Scopus, behind the Hebrew University. This viewpoint offers stunning panoramas of the Judean Desert, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the Mountains of Trans-Jordan. These dramatic desert landscapes are soaked with Biblical stories. David, John the Baptist, and Jesus all passed or operated here.

Combined with the viewpoint at the Mount of Olives, the Mount Scopus desert viewpoint is a great place to start a tour of Jerusalem. Besides the majestic beauty of the desert, this is also an excellent spot to introduce Jerusalem’s geographical, historical, and political context. The local vistas demonstrate Jerusalem’s position well on the seam of the cultivatable land and the desert. It also explains the critical role of water management in this city, which can be seen best in the City of David.

Reaching the Mount Scopus Observation Point

The viewpoint is easily reached by car, although it doesn’t have any place to park. The only option is to park at the bus station, and hope not get a ticket while admiring the biblical views..

A stop at Mount Scopus Desert Viewpoint can be combined with a guided day tour of Jerusalem.

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