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Israeli Demography and Geography

With over 9 million citizens in a state that is about the size of New Jersey Israel is one of the most populated countries in the world. It also holds one Geographical Guinness record – The shores of the Dead Sea are lowest dry point on the planet, at being 1400 feet beneath sea level.

Religions In Israel

Israel is the historical cradle of the biggest religions in the world in modern times, and is sacred to both Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, Druze and Samaritans. Being so, no wonder the Israeli mail service receives every year over 1000 letters addressed to God.

Academia in Israel

Jews always emphasized study and knowledge, and so it is no surprise that Israel has the highest number of Nobel prize winners (8) per capita. Israel in fact is the second most academic country in the world per capita, after Canada. And what is the field of research and development Israel is mostly known for? –

Israeli High-Tech

Israel is rightfully labeled as the “Start up Nation” and is home to over 3000 high-tech companies and start-ups. Among its famous high-tech products – “Checkpoint”, “Babysense”, “Indigo”, “Waze”, and “Mobile eye”. Mobile phone technology, GPS integration to mobile phone, Instant messaging, voicemail technology, Disk on key, Ingestible video camera, and anti-virus are just some of the inventions made in Israel. Israel also has the highest percentage of home computers per capita.

Israeli Military

From the beginning of the Zionist Movement Jews were targeted by Arabs, and had to learn to defend themselves, with little to no international support at certain periods. Being so mandatory service is compulsory to this day, and Israel is the only country in the world to still draft females as well. Israel also had to develop its own army and weapons to protect itself and excelled in it to a degree that today Israel is the third biggest exporter of military gear (after the US and Russia). “Uzi”, “Merkava”, “Iron Dome” and “Trophy” are just of the military products developed and made in Israel. The Israeli air-force is the fourth largest in the world, and by the way – Israel never lost in a war.

Israeli Finance

With such strong army and high teach industry it is no wonder that at least for the last 25 years the Israeli currency is among the strongest currencies in the world. Israel also has the largest number of NASDAQ listed companies after the US and Canada and is the second country in the world for venture capital funds. It’s unemployment rate is also lower than in Europe and the US. With such financial success no wonder the Israelis stand out also in the next category –

Israel and Happiness Index

Despite its conflicts, wars, heat, and high taxes, the Israelis are rated as some of the happiest of any nation, being 11th in the world. And the Israelis are so happy they don’t want to die! The average life expectancy in Israel is 82, which is 8th in the world.

Israeli Culture

Israel is the only country in the world to successfully revive a dead language; Israel has the largest number of museums per capita in the world, and the second largest number of book publications per citizen in the world. Israel also has more orchestras per capita than any other nation in the world, and it won so far 4 times in the Eurovision song contest!.

Israeli Agriculture

Cherry tomatoes and thornless prickly pears were invented in Israel, and the Israeli cows produce more milk then in any other country. Yet Israel’s biggest pride is the invention of drip irrigation, a system that saves 70%-80% of the water needed to grow many crops. The water for agriculture is also all recycled, as Israel recycles 90% of its wastewater, way more then any other country in the world.

Nature in Israel

Israel is the biggest junction in the world for migratory birds, and over half a Billion birds flying over it twice a year. Israel is also the only country in the world whose number of trees is on the rise in the 21st century.

Israeli Sports and Politics..

Unfortunately in Sports Israel is still behind..  Although it has been participating in the Olympic games since 1952, as of 2020 Israel achieved only one Gold medal (in Wind surfing in 2004). And worse – despite the local popularity of Soccer, so far Israel qualified only once, in 1970, to the World cup finals. Shame.

And another field Israel could do better is its politics.. A nation made of 8 million very opinionate Jews made the Israeli political system is very unstable, and rarely a government completes a full term of four years. In 2020 alone Israel had 3 consecutive elections. On the other hand Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East..

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