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Private Tour to the Dead Sea Region

Private tour Dead SeaLocated just 25 minutes drive away from Jerusalem, the region of Dead Sea  provides a unique set of attractions in an enchanting landscape. Possibly stopping by the “Sea Level” sign for a photo oppurtunity and a Camel Ride , we later pass by Jericho , and head first to Masada  .

Flag Masada Dead Sea

Masada was mostly built by King Herod as an impreganble desert fortress, but is better known for the last stand of the Jews at the end of the Great Jewish Revolt (66-74 CE), who favored death to Roman slavery.

Masada MuseumThe dramatic story is enhanced by the well preserved remains, some of which are on display at the Masada Museum .

Eingedi Nature Reserve

In nearby Ein Gedi  we can have lunch and then stroll in the beautiful botanical gardens  of the kibbutz. We can then head to Ein-Gedi’s Nature Reserve  , and can either hike and swim in Nahal David, or explore the well preserved mosaic floor of Ein-Gedi’s ancient synagogue , that bears some intruiging inscriptions.

Dead Sea ScrollsOn the way back we can point to the PEF Rock , and also stop and visit the site of Qumran  , famous for the Dead Sea Scrolls wikipedia s.     More then 970 scrolls were hidden in 11 caves around Qumran some 2000 years ago.   Touring the site, we will review the finds and assess their importance, especially to the study of Early Christianity.

Swim at the Dead Sea

But of course a tour of the Dead Sea is not complete with out a swim in the Dead Sea  itself!. Known for its therapeutic water and mud, we can experience all of this at one of the beaches along the western shores of the Dead Sea.

Baptism siteRejuvenated, wet, tired, and content, we are ready to return to Jerusalem. On the way back, if time and will permits, we can experience a visit to the Bapstism site (Qasr El-Yahud) , or a view of  Saint George Monastery  .

Book a Private Tour to the Dead Sea Region

The cost of a private tour to the Dead Sea region + transportation starts at USD$700Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

Presenting Masada to “The Watchman” , 2016

Additional Attractions for a Private Tour to Dead Sea

Conduct a Bar-Mitzvah ceremony on Masada  



Try a new unique attraction to experience the Dead Sea by a Sail on the Dead Sea 

Saint George Monastery viewpoint

Drive to the viewpoint of  St. George Monastery  , and possibly hike along Wadi Qelt to Ein-Prat 

camel ride Genesis land

Visit “Genesis Land experiencing Abraham style hospitality and camel ride, and nearby at the Tekhelet Factory  learno how Biblical Tsitsit were made.

Good Samaritan Inn Mosaic display

Visit the Good Samaritan Inn  , traditional Holy Christian site of combined with a unique and attractive museum of ancient mosaic floors.

Visit archaeological remains of the Monastery of Euthymius  , and Monastery of Martyrius  , and the museum of the artist Moshe Castel.

baptism siteReach the Jordan River   at the traditional Baptism site of Jesus by john the Baptist (Qasr El-Yahud / “el-Maghtas”) . Continue to Deir Hajla  monastery and the Laura of Gerasimus .

If army permits, drive also along the border and visit historical Beit-HaAravah site and King Abdullah bridge .

Join a 4×4 tour in the Judean Desert, reaching Mar Saba Monastery , Jabel Muntar – Biblical Azazel  – mountain of the sacrifice of the escape goat, and Hyrcania Secret Tunnel .

Lavee Israel air force museumReturn through the Negev and visit sites such as Tel Arad  Yatir Winery, the Negev Brigade Memorial Abraham’s Well , ancient Tel Be’er Sheva , modern Beer-Sheba  , and the Air-Force Museum

stay in one of the hotels at Dead Sea, and drive down to Eilat   the next day, possibly through Ramon Crater , Mamshit Ben Gurion’s Tomb and Hut Avdat  , and Ein Avdat.

Mount KarkomStay in Mitzpe Ramon , and visit Ramon Crater ,  Ramon Crater Visitors Center , and possibly Mount Karkom , believed by some to be Mount Sinai!.

red canyon

If staying a few nights in Eilat  , we can snorkel on the Red Sea, hike the“Red Canyon” , go to“Top 94”  extreme park, or cross the border for a day tour of Petra .

jericho cable car tourVisit the antiquities and attractions of Jericho : The Biblical Mound (Tel el-Sultan ), Elisha’s Spring Quarantal monastery, Sycamore Zacchaeus Tree, and Herodian palatial remains at Tulul abu el-alayiq Hisham’s Palace . (will be done by an Christian Arab guide colleague Daniel Bishara ).

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